who knows what lies in the depths of infinity?

oh, sweet infinity—
we say it like you're a number,
a boundary, or rather, a boundary-less bound,
if that makes sense, and so i hope,
(my love for you is infinite)
truly & all that jazz.
in alg and calc we pore over problems:
simplify this and factor this
and say no solution if it is so,
staring at the graphing calculators
until they go berserk trying to reach
that boundary-less bound
('cause not even astronauts can shoot the stars),
cursing as a coding mishap
in so-and-such program
sends your computer crashing,
whirring: debug: error- division by zero.
and so we pore over the program codes,
the problems, the lines and pages of 8-inch-font
explaining what you truly are—
a concept or a number? does 1/0 truly exist,
or is it simply a futile search for intimacy with
that axis of never-evermore?