Original Date: 1-10-2005

Mitternachtfunken: A Midnight Spark

So many ideas go astray in an unacknowledged existence
Pleas for forgiveness, cries of mercy, thirst for love: The Quest unleashed
One hopes for love giving none?
The three feet that lie between her and him seem impossible to make.
A lonely journey, which tested mettle and honor; it lies thicker than skin, goes
deeper than bone—think no more as she rests in stone.
A lovelorn fool's tale unfolds
"I warn ye pilgrims who wander by
…pondering upon an innocent account deeming it a gluttonous affair?"
"Wretched be thy name, blemished and damned thy tainted soul"
Such were the words of a dying man.
Uncategorized: great simplicity or simple greatness—
remains to be decided by the seeds he's sown.
As resides my envy, for he had everything that God and the devil could grant.
I loathed the one thing that slipped away time after time: like
laden waves on the bayou, eurhythmic, acting upon her own random cord!
Yearning for something that was never mine
"Nay I say, it shall never, never be thine" rings in my head during trials and tribulations.
Oceans part, tides mount, fires reign from above, the heavens cry…
whilst I whirl away on some distant, mythical central axis.

Written while in college (UGA)