The Nightwalker
Chapter I: Introductions

Asirian Kuroshi stood outside the mansion's large mahogany door. He still didn't know how he'd let Kardo talk him into taking this job, imagine, him, the infamous assassin Nightwalker, posing as a companion to some rich asshole's introvert son. 'I should have told him I'd rather pretend to be the butler.' Asirian thought to himself. He was Kardo's top assassin and his current assignment was to kill the son of a wealthy and cruel land owner name Samuel Hikarisho. Kardo had picked this job especially for him because Asirian hated the wealthy. His mother had come to this very city when she was eighteen to become an artist, but she ended up not being able to make it in the art world and went into prostitution. When she'd had Asririan, she just worked harder. She was a wonderful, loving mother, but then she got sick. Asirian had begged all the doctors to help her, but they told him they didn't want to waste their time on worthless street trash. When his mother died of her illness, Asirian swore revenge. By the time he turned seventeen, he'd already killed every doctor that had refused to treat his mother.

Now here he stood, on the doorstep of the wealthiest family in the city, planning how to assasinate the heir to the estate. Asirian was broken from his thoughts by the sound of the door in front of him being unlocked and open. He was soon face to face with a tuxedo clad, elderly butler. "Who are you, and what is your business here sir?" the butler asked politely.

"Uh, my name is Asirian Kuroshi, I was hired by Mr. Hikarisho to be a companion and be an economics tutor to his son, Christian I believe was the boy's name." Asirian stated.

"Oh yes, my master informed me that you would be arriving today. Please, come in." With that the butler stepped aside so that Asirian could enter the house.

"Thank you...umm...??"

"Shiyo, Jerimiah Shiyo. If you'll please follow me to the parlor Mr. Kuroshi, my master would like a word with you before you are introduced to his son." Jerimiah then turned on his heel and started down the hallway. Asirian quickly followed.

The house was large with many doors, hallways, and staircases. Paintings of landscapes and various portraits lined the walls along with intricate, darkly colored draperies. The whole place seemed to be filled with shadow, despite the fact that it was just after noon and all the lights in the hallway were on. Asirian noticed that there weren't many windows though there were many large landscape paintings that seemed to be trying to make up for that fact. Soon Jerimiah stopped and Asirian got his first real look at the parlor. It was decorated with the same dark colors as the hallway, the furniture was all dark wood or black leather, the lighting was dim, and the whole room looked forboding.

"Sir, may I present to you Mr. Asirian Kuroshi." Jerimiah stated formally. It was then that Asirian noticed that there was a man in the room. He was old, though not nearly as old as the butler, he had thining black hair and dark brown, almost black eyes.

"Ah, Mr. Kuroshi, so nice to finally meet you, please, sit down and make yourself comfortable." the man said, motioning to the black leather chair in front of his mahogany desk.

Asirian entered the room and bowed slightly as he reached the desk, "The pleasure is all mine. Mr. Hikarisho, I presume?"

"You presume correctly, please do sit down, we have much to discuss and I'd hate for you to be uncomfortable the entire time."

"Thank you for your hospitality," Asirian said as he sat down, "you have a beautiful home."

"What? This old place? Nah, it didn't even cost me two's cheap. Jerimiah," Mr. Hikarisho looked to the man still standing in the doorway, "if you would be so kind as to bring my guest and I some tea."

"Of course sir, I'll be back shortly." With a curt bow, he left the two men alone.

"Now, you're probably wondering why I asked to see you before you were introduced to my son, correct?"

"I am a little curious sir." Asirian stated truthfully. He wanted to start getting to know his target as soon as possible. He had been hired for a reason but he wouldn't fufill his mission until he was postive that it was the right course of action and he was even more careful because he didn't know who has hired him for this assassination.

"Christian is my only child and he's never been outside the grounds of this estate. I want to keep him away from that filthy rabble of peasants that dirty our streets. He will one day take over my business and all of my assets, I can't very well have those greedy theives poison his brain with outlandish ideals and nonsense about how evil I am and how much better my money could be spent, do you understand my dilema?" Mr. Hikarisho asked seriously.

"Of course sir, you want your son to run your business the same way you do." Asirian responded promptly and politely, though at that moment he seriously wished he had been hired to kill one Samuel Hikarisho, instead of his son. "I assume then that you don't want me to take Christian off the grounds for any reason, correct?"

"Precisly. He is to stay on this property at all times and is not to consort with anyone who is not on my you think you can manage that?"

"Of course, however, I will need to leave the grounds once a week, Friday's if possible. A friend of mine runs a tavern downtown and he needs me to help out that day...that won't be a problem will it?" It wasn't exactly a lie, Kardo did run a tavern downtown and Asirian did help him out on Friday's, but it was also when he updated Kardo on his progress so Kardo could tell the client how things were going.

"No problem at all," Hikarisho stated, "as long as Christian never leaves with you."

"Of course not."

"Very well, that's all I wanted to discuss. I'll show you to your room and then introduce you to my son. You'll find that everything you'll need has already been provided for you, since I noticed you didn't bring any luggage."

"I like to travel light." Asirian stated as he stood up.

"A man after my own heart." With that the man stood and lead Asirian out of the room. They traveled down another hallway and up two staircases before they finally reached Asirian's assigned room. It was nicely furnished with a solid mahogany four-poster bed with deep blue bedding, a mahogany desk, and a large bookshelf. There was also another landscape painting on the wall above the bed's headboard. The walls were dark blue and the brightest light in the room was the desk lamp. Asirian was surprised to see that there were real windows in this room, though they were covered by drapes at the moment. "This is your room Mr. Kuroshi. At the end of the wall to your right is a door leading to my son's room and to your left is your closet."

"It's nice, I was half expecting to sleep in the basement or something."

"Don't be ridiculous, you're doing me a favor by educating and befriending my son, this is the least I can do. Now, you have a look around and I'll go fetch Christian."

Asirian just nodded before heading over to the bookshelf to take a look at the selection. There were many volumes on business and economics, which was to be expected for the line of work he had been hired for, but there were also a scattering of novels and books of poetry. Famous author's like Dickens and Poe were present as well as a few authors that Asirian has never heard of. After finishing his examination of the bookshelf, he headed over to take a closer look that the painting above his bed. Unlike the rest of the decorations in the house, the paintings that were scattered all over the walls held and certain warmth. They reminded him of his mother's paintings, full of life and feeling.

"Do you like the painting?" a soft voice said from the doorway.

Asirian turned around to see who had spoke and his breath caught. Standing there staring at him curiously was the most beautiful human being he had ever seen. The boy had shimmering chesnut brown hair and pale blue eyes set in a delicate, almost feminine face. He was dressed in a sky-blue slik shirt and black pants. The boy smiled slightly and Asirian blinked, finally realizing he had been staring for a good five minutes. Carefully he nodded, "Yeah, I love it, it reminds me of the painting's my mother used to do when I was younger. Who's the artist?"

"I am." the boy stated quietly, almost shyly before looking up at him again, "You must be Asirian, I'm Christian Hikarisho, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Asirian was stunned which was a completely new thing for him. This was the boy he was hired to kill?! This stunningly beautiful, shy, boy needed to die?! Something was very very wrong with this world if this boy needed to be killed. Realizing he was staring again Asirian smiled politely, "No Christian, the pleasure is mine, I asure you."

To Be Continued...

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