A song which is never heard

A voice which never speaks

A touch which is never felt

And eyes to far to seek

A wandering soul

Looking for a rest

But it's to far to walk

And to long a quest

You listen to the hope

Of what tomorrow brings

Yet it looks so far away

And what of tomorrow stings?

The music which used to ring

Now echoes in the past

You new it was to beautiful

To ever truly last

Your hearts which once beat in time

It now comes to a cease

For all lovely things must die

Yet they can still find peace

Your soul which feels so empty

Is filled with memories

Just of smiles and laughter

And never of the tears

Your body which is frail

Is lain down to rest

You're of to your loved one

With one last breath

By Siobhan

Date: 23/December/2004