Original Date: 1-11-2005


The space between two beating hearts
No measure too high; it's never enough
The quails brandished, the good unseen—
Shall remain transfixed till the day they part
Why the cloak and dagger?
Hiding behind the lustful swagger…
Why the falsified details?
They amount to increasing betrayals…
Why the shifting looks?
As we step through our destined brooks…
Why the carnal desire?
Whence in nature lies the will to go higher…
Knights that remain, yet still conspire!
The secular realm of narrowing space
Is never held back, tis no race—
but the questions remain
Daunting the evoked mind
For an answer the heart shall find.
Nonexistent rules, no boundaries reside, no more duress
the unknown Truth, the Powers impress.
Nature's imperfection comes down to voice
Rests in all, all in choice.

>>>>>>>>>>>Written while in college (UGA)>>>>>>>>>>>>