Chapter 7:

After climbing the wall, she changed back to herself in an empty alley where no one would see her. Then, she went into the crowd and disappeared.

Time to move on, she thought. Time for me to go some where else. Out of the city. They certainly wouldn't expect that.

Devaki went to her secret hideout where she kept her stash of emergency supplies. She took everything out of it and put it into a canvas bag. In it was some change of clothes, a dagger that she wore at her hip and some money.

That done, she headed out for the north gate and exited through it.

She walked for five miles before reaching a small town away from the city. Devaki stopped to buy herself something to eat before she went on.

Just before dusk, another town came up. She found an inn and paid the innkeeper for the night. Devaki fell asleep the minute her head touched the pillow.

Sariyah said the spell that would connect to the necklace that Devaki wore and would tell him where she was. The signal he got was north. He went after her with a will. At the first town he came to, he asked the townspeople if anyone had seen someone with Devaki's description. Several said they had and that she was going north.

Long after sunset, he finally caught up with her. The spell rang loudly in his mind, telling him he had reached his destination before it disappeared, it's job done. Sariyah stood before an inn. The Saymon was the inn's name.

Going inside, he saw that there was already men inside, getting drunk. He found a table and sat at it, signaling to a maid. She was talking to another man. A moment later, she approached him.

"What'll you be wantin'?" She asked.

"What ever ye've got that's warm to eat," he told her.

"There be stew and chicken pie."

"I'll be havin' both. And what's there to drink?"

"Ale," She said.

"Ale it is then," Sariyah said, sighing gustily, "There ain't enough good drinks to be had these days."

"You men. Only thing you think about is drinks," the maid said, giving him a mild glare.

"Have ya been seeing anyone with brown hair an' red eyes?"

"Oh, yes. He went up to sleep a few hours ago. Do ye have some business wi' him?" the maid asked suspiciously.

"He's a friend of mine. Told him I'd catch up wi' him here. As good as done," Sariyah said.

"The lad's in room two down the hall."

"I think I'll have me dinner first."

She went away to call the order.

The stew, pie and ale came shortly. Sariyah found out that he was quite hungry when he ate every bite of his meal and licked the plate clean. Finished, he went upstairs t o find Devaki.

He found the room easily as there were numbers marked clearly on the doors. Sariyah knocked on it and found no answer. He opened it silently. She was sleeping in a small bed that fit her just nicely. Her face had a peaceful quality about it. So different from when she was awake.

Sariyah closed the door quietly and locked it. He went to her, covered her mouth and shook her awake.

Devaki was violently shaken awake by someone. She was instantly alert and had the dagger in her hand in an instant.

"Shush!" a familiar male voice said as he withdrew his hand.

"Sariyah?" she said stupidly. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm not leaving you, wherever you're going," Sariyah said, sitting by her as she sat up in bed.

"B-but there's people after me who will kill you just to get me!" She protested. "And how did you find me?"

"I don't care, princess. I'm still going to follow you whether you like it or not," Sariyah said firmly.

Devaki stopped her protestation and stared at him. "What did you just call me?"

"Princess. I know who you are. I'm still following you," Sariyah said to her, gently.

"Y-you know?" Devaki asked incredulously.

"Yes. I found out soon after our first duel," Sariyah told her.

"And then you gave me the necklace instead," Devaki said, comprehension dawning on her.


Devaki frowned at him, but she was not really angry with him. If he was the type to give her up to the authorities, he would have done so sooner.

She sighed.

"Oh, alright," She said, relenting.

"I'll sleep on the floor tonight," Sariyah said.

"Then I'll sleep on the floor tomorrow if we find and inn. We'll take turns," Devaki said.

Sariyah opened his mouth to disagree with her, then he thought better of it and closed his mouth again. He opened it again to ask a question.

"How did you get the money and clothing?"

"You didn't thingk I was that stupid not to leave safe caches when I lived in the streets, were you?" Devaki answered with another question.

"I forgot about that," Sariyah said peevishly.

"Mmmm. Let's go to sleep," Devaki suggested.

"Be on your guard."

With those last words, both respectively fell asleep soon after that.

Both did not hear the door open and a small figure entering the room in darkness. It made its way to Devaki, who was sleeping on the bed and peered at her.

"Devan, I've found you," the figure whispered. "Ya ain't leavin' agin'."

The figure curled itself at the edge of the bed and went to sleep.

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