A Chained Sanity

Memories are something that hurt to someone who has no good ones. How can somebody not have any good memories you ask? Well if you listen then I can tell you.

My body felt as though I had been ravaged yet I was merely in my home. I was found on the doorstep of this asylum when they had found me. They knew not my name so they gave me one. Chains. I never knew that there was such a thing as a last name for a person or that there were other people. The first time that I knew was when I was five and that is as far as my memory would let me remember back to. I was allowed to go almost anywhere in the asylum but I was not yet allowed to go to the torture chambers.

The best place for me to start would have to be my first sign of authority. My home was in the prisoner cells. I would make what I could out of the conversations with the convicts which usually was not very much. Otherwise I read as many books as possible. The guard or guards as I later found not in my age, taught me the basics of school and was actually a very good teacher. Then again he was not human. They would do their experiments for the day as the other taught me. I learned very quickly and it wasn't just bookwork. I learned how to use a scythe and was very adept at unarmed combat.

It started when I was talking to one of the prisoners and we could actually keep this one going for more than one sentence. He told me to get out of this place what they do here is evil and I had to run as I could. Then the guard walked in on him and me. "You know your not to speak to the prisoners!" and that was the first time it had hit me that they had no good intent for these people and these people had no hope for their release. He walked over to the cage and banged on the bars with his hand. The prisoner jumped then came to the front of the cell. His bandages covered the many bloodied scars he had from here. The blood had soaked through to leave stains. Other guards walked in to the room and walked over to me and stood watching the first. He raised his scythe and drew the blade to the front then ripped the end with his other hand. He brought the blade down with so much force it split the prisoners skull and dug into his torso and protruded from the front with the tip. He removed the blade from his victim and let the body drop. The blood and other organs fell from his body. He looked at me and pointed at the door. Those glowing green eyes were all that I ever saw of them and they shown brightly in his hood. The guards grabbed me and dragged me away.

They were not happy and locked me in my cell or my room for a month with food everyday I was there. When they let me out I obeyed what they told me. They said that since I had seen so much I could now associate with the prisoners if I wanted to so bad. So they put me in the torture rooms. They made me clean off the corpses from the devices they used. They cooked people alive; they crushed them and spiked them. They pulled people apart limb from limb and ripped them in half. They drowned others in oil and then lit it on fire while they were still in it. From all the flaws that had happened I gained many scars and became inhumanly strong. I learned what fear was and looked it in the eyes and laughed at it. Then when I had aged to eighteen we learned I was also very fast.

The one-day they came in to take me to my quarters and made a flaw. They pushed me with they're hands and I had had enough of this so I set my foot down and grabbed a scythe from the nearest guard and cut the two of them down and ran. It seemed like forever before I found the front door but I did. When I saw it I jammed the scythe in there so hard that the main shaft broke in half. I grabbed the top and wedged it in their even more. The blade was strong enough to hold against my strength. I pushed it to one side and was creaking open the door. When it was far enough open I slid out and into the open air.

The chasm was larger than I could jump and the bottom was to far to fall. The asylum was on a floating island in the middle of the canyon. The skies were black and thunder struck everywhere around me. The only sign of nature was the lone dead tree across the pit I floated on. I began to turn to look at the building of pain but was seized by the wrists. Two giant strong arms grabbed my body. I struggled against him but to no use. They dragged me back inside the hellhole. " You want out of here? Fine you will be out of here in chains." I heard a guard say as they dragged me away. They took me to an ornate door and opened it to reveal a whole new universe. The area around me ebbed with blue and white energies and the ground was a solid floating marble that shouldn't have been. They brought in a set of ten foot chains and dragged me over too them. The chains had spikes that came from the wrist parts. They all started to chant in a cryptic tone and the chains glowed an evil green aura. The head guard then took the chains and took my right hand. " If you go back to the torture rooms you wont have these on you." He told me in a deep echoing voice. " I would rather die then kill another innocent. " I told him spitting into his hooded face. He clamped down on my wrist with the top of the chain bar. The spikes went into my hands and I could feel the evil magick embed itself in my arm and the pain was unbearable but I never showed them the pain. I never gave them the pleasure. He grabbed my left arm and put the shackle on that wrist to but not so friendly this time. My body felt weak but I never dropped to the ground and submitted to their taunts. Then we all teleported to the highest platform and there was a lone wall in the center of it. They dragged me to that accursed wall. They took the end of the chains and attached them to the hooks on the wall. " You're strong but we'll see how strong you really are." The head master scoffed at me. They then disappeared. I stood there and tried to fight the pain but to no avail.

I fell to the floor in a heap and looked at the surroundings. The walls ebbed like ripples in water and gave off a very bright light so that it was never dark. Otherwise there was nothing to be called as a scene or any of the sorts. Then I heard something. It was a scream form someone somewhere. I tried to stand to look for the scream but heard nothing again so I fell back to where I was. I heard a man say no and then another scream. This time I had to see what was going on. I got up and fell back down before I was on my knees. I tried again and was on my shins and hands and I felt exhausted. I kept on pushing and was eventually on my feet. Whatever curse they had put on my shackles they had made it to steal my power. I felt so tired after such little movement that I was about to collapse again.

I walked very slowly to the edge of my platform and looked over the side. There was an endless amount of barren platforms over into the abyss. I stared in disbelief. There was no logic in reality that this place could exist and yet I now lived in it. So did countless more lost souls. They screamed as they jumped the edge into oblivion and then I heard the others scream within their insanity as they saw the unthinkable demons that haunted them. I could hear their voices and I could never think of another thing to scare me again. I had seen it all and lived through it. I had seen death and laughed at him and mocked him for not taking me when he could have. There was nothing now. Nobody to talk to or listen to but then again I never did have anyone. So then again it wouldn't even matter. There was nothing. The ebbing walls spoke to me. They told me I was pointless. The reason I'm here is that my parents had left me because they didn't want me in the first place. My head hurt so I slept. My eyes never closed but I slept. I heard those screams but I slept. I never cared at all what I did or if I died so why was I nervous now?

I left myself to do nothing for a month, as it seemed. I sat there only eating the rations that they teleported to me daily. It was a basic bread and water diet. The chains drained more of my power daily and there was nothing I could do about it, or so I thought. One day I looked at the nothingness and decided to stand. I got up as hard as it was but I did. My feet were free so I gave a weak kick but my leg went up. At that moment I realized what it was I needed to do to get out of here. I raised my hand and gave a punch.

For two months all I did was develop my immunity to the pain. I fought the air and kept creating moves wherever they would be useful. They never came to check on me making it easy to practice as long as I want. I never slept, I couldn't. It was too horrific if I closed my eyes to long id see the images from the slaughterhouse. I could hear the screams of those tormented souls and the ones who were already lost. I couldn't save them I wanted to but I never could. So I promised them this. I would escape and tell their torturous tales. That would soon come to pass.

After I had mastered my fighting technique after a year of training I decided to take a break. But how could I without going even more insane. Then it hit me. Meditation. I sat down and closed my eyes and saw those horrid pictures again. But this time I could almost control them. I worked to make them change I worked to get them out of my mind. For two months I devoted myself to making those pictures change but I didn't know that I was changing outside as well as inside. I found this a week after the third month of meditation. My food had teleported in as usual. I didn't want to move so I just looked at it. Then the plate shook. I couldn't figure it out then I looked at it again. I wanted the plate closer so I willed for it. Then the plate skidded over to my side like I had shoved it closer. I then looked at the glass and it lifted. I wanted it closer and it came to me with ease. I hadn't realized but in my meditation I had also been levitating.

It had been a year and a half that I had been in here. I hadn't said a single word since I had yelled at the warden. I didn't know if I could still talk and I also didn't care. I would leave my actions do the talking. I continued to practice my meditation as well as my combat skills. The chains now seemed an extension of myself and I knew that they would never come off. I began to loosen them from the walls and day-by-day they came farther and farther out. I was waiting for the day that I would finally get free of at least the wall. I still couldn't sleep. I would just rest my body after working for a good long while. I could never close my eyes without seeing the pain of the ones that were tortured by my hand and the guardians. I realized that in my anger I could find a lot of subdued power. There was no way I wasn't escaping from this hell when they came for me. It would be another year and a half before they came for me. For that remaining time I just trained my mind and body for as long as I could.

Then the day finally came when they wanted me. The Large doors form a few hundred feet below as they open to let the evil beings in. They appeared next to my side all seven of them. " Had enough weakling?" the head master asked. I said nothing to any of them. They cut the chains free of the wall and set me free finally. They teleported me down to the major platform and walked me out of the realm of timelessness. I could see that the world had changed since I had been gone. Now they were hanging dead bodies as if they were trophies. They walked me farther into the asylum with my arms hanging at my sides. They could never have known how strong I had become. I dragged my shackles across the ground for ten feet behind me. They walked me back to the cells surrounding me the whole way. The warden led us with two of his cronies in back of me and two at both my sides.

We arrived at a secluded cell in the middle of the prison, as he opened it he turned to me. "Now you shall see how the people who you tortured lived in fear of us." He said to me with a cackle. I merely looked up at him and smiled. It was a smile that only a man who had nothing to lose could show, one that had seen death and laugh with him, a man who had gone insane. In an instant the head of the cloak of the head master was on the ground and the rest followed. His essence dispersed forever into the air of the prison. The rest of the guards looked around in fear, as I was nowhere to be seen for I was moving to fast for even their eyes. The two on the left of me were next. With a cross slash I made the two of them disperse forever as well. I picked up one of the scythes that they coveted so much, and looked over at the other four. Two charged at me and in one cross slash they were in two pieces each. The other two were in horror as I plowed through them cutting the one in the side as I darted. They gave chase soon after I ran. I knew my way around the prison so I was at the front door in a minute or so. I dug the scythe deep inside of the door and saw the first sight of day in such a long time. I remembered the problem I faced though I walked forward and fell to my knees. But I heard a clanking sound. The scythe had gone off the edge of the platform and made a solid bridge that crossed the gap.

I ran across dragging the scythe behind me. I turned to see a guard following me. The one I had cut on the side ran across the bridge but never touched his scythe to the ground. I lifted mine and the bridge left him to fall. He was caught by the tip of his scythe and hung there under the bridge with no way to climb up. I could see his energy draining fast and he was nervous I could feel it in him. He fell as the last of his power gave out and plummeted into the oblivion below. His comrade had merely gone inside and let them all die without so much as trying to help them. I threw the scythe over the edge never wanting to see the accursed thing ever again. I took a long hard look at my torture camber. The towers ranging upward from it, the turret tops sloping down over the roofs, and those two windows in the front that glowed green so as to look as though they were evil eyes, ones less evil than the actual inside. Those halls that glowed green all the time and radiated evil to all that lived within its bowels, and that other realm that I had lived in for those few years. I blanked them from my memory as I left and walked into the canyon.

My world is that of a place that only others can have nightmares about. The demons stalk you and if you cant fight you will die. Alone I sit here waiting for that moment when my freedom will come to me. I have lost all hope and my sanity to a world of pain and torture and I shall never find the light again.

The chasm had spanned a mile or two but it was easier to traverse then I had figured. They had made paths to get to the accursed place and back. I would never see that place ever again. I walked on through the field and passed a lone tree in the middle of the field. It was tall and wide but not so much as so that I could not jump into it. It had leaves that were a beautiful shade of green. They floated to the ground when the wind blew through the air. That was when I realized I needed some new clothes. I didn't even have a shirt, and my pants were horribly made and were torn to pieces with holes all over them. They were a dull gray color and I did not want them any longer. I walked on onto a hilltop were I could see the nearest town. It looked like your average little town out in any place anyone would go. I expected that they would just ignore me from their regular point of view. I was dead wrong.

I walked into the front of the town not making any commotion when every person nearby turned and stared at me. I paid no homage to their gawking stares and continued onward. I walked around the corner and everyone followed me to the nearest armor shop. I walked in and the girl at the counter greeted me. As I walked in she was looking under the counter and there was now a crowd outside that had been following me for the past two blocks. She looked up at me and smiled. I was shocked that she didn't stare at me like the rest. "They aren't used to seeing new faces around here." She told me as she walked up to the counter. "I don't have any money to pat with so what can you give me as a hand out for a pour lost soul?" I almost begged at her. "You seem like a nice guy so I tell you what. If you promise to return as soon as possible to repay what you owe I will give you what you need. Deal?" She explained to me in a generous tone. " I agree to your terms. Thanks are not enough for you." I thanked her profusely and she brought me to the back of the shop where no one could see us. She opened a door and it showed many styles of shirts and pants that almost anyone could where no matter what size. I looked around and found a pair of long baggy black pants that appealed to me very much. They had pockets on the side of the legs and a chain ran from the side pocket to the back on the left side. Two zippers ran up the sides of the legs on the pants so that if unzipped they would expand to an even wider leg width. I changed into those and looked at them and myself in a mirror. The pants looked good but I looked like crap. My hair was out of place in the strangest way in that it was everywhere. It was a black color from what I could see.

This was the first time that I had ever truly looked at myself. I had scars all over my chest and some hurt to the touch. I looked myself up and down. I was a very thin person compared to how strong I truly was. Most people would overlook me if I just walked by without my chains and with a shirt on. I looked around at the girl and smiled. She was kind to me with no money or friends and I owed her more than she knew. I looked up and saw some cloaks hanging off the walls. I walked over and took off a dark brown one and tried it on. It fit perfect. I walked back to the pants and grabbed three more pairs and slid them into the side pockets of the cloak, which made them feel lighter. We walked back to the front of the store and she rang up the items and handed them to me. She asked me why I hadn't bought a shirt. I simply said this. "I need not more weight to drag around." She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. She posted my bill on the wall and she looked at me. She handed me a pen. I scrawled my name onto the list of items and looked at her and smiled. I put on the cloak and pulled the hood over my head. I walked out of the shop with a crowd forming around me yet moving out of the way at the same time. I merely looked at them all and kept my pace going. I walked until I had found the gates and proceeded out of them. I looked out and back into the town to see everybody dispersing from the main gate that I had just traversed. I followed the path as I walked along without a word to anyone or anything. I walked until the sun set and it was dark out. I stopped under a tree and made a fire. I looked up to see the stars that I had heard so much about. I walked out to the top of the hill that was nearby to take a look at my surroundings.

It was so expansive that I had no idea where to go next but that would be something I would worry about later. For now I could enjoy the scenery around me. There was a forest nearby and a few trees scattered here and there. The field had high grass all around and was very large in size compared to all the places I had lived. I looked out and smiled. I was finally free, I had lived in a world of torture for so long and now I could choose for myself where I wanted to go. Yet I didn't have a clue of where I wanted to be at the moment and where I wanted to go. I walked back to my fire and found something covered in the cloak that I was wearing. I moved the cloak out of the way and was surprised to see a pair of black combat boots under the clothing. Inside the left boot was a note. "Since you never purchased a shirt here's a little something to keep your feet from going bad. Sincerely your friendly neighborhood shopkeeper." I looked down at it and smirked while trying on the shoes. The girl had made a god guess as to my size. They were merely one size to big. I tied them tight and set myself into meditation for the rest of the night.

The sun crested the hill as I came out of my state of levitation. I came to the ground softly and without a sound. I walked over to the brunt out embers of the night's previous fire. I stopped them out to make sure no more of a fire would spread. I walked over to my cloak and lifted it up and slipped it on with the hood over my head. I walked off into the field and made the first steps of freedom in my life for a better world.

Into a hell and out of a torture I walk my path of death and loss only to find that the world is without happiness for those who cannot fight for it. I help all those that I can but what does it matter when the ones you fight for are the ones who take the happiness from the rest of the worlds and slaughter the innocent. They steal the life from the kind only to take the pain they give returned ten fold by someone like me, some one with a heart to guide them.

It had been a long time since I had seen the prison and I had no intention of ever see it again. The world was even more expansive than I thought it to be. It merely gave me more time to handle all of the problems that I had faced in the trials of that prison. They kept me away from the world for so long and now I was going to show them what I have in myself to live my own life. I had wandered the world for a year to try and find a way to repay the debt I had to that shopkeeper. Sure mercenaries and bounty hunters get paid massively, but I wanted no more death in the world to any people of any kind. I had many people harass me for being quiet and not as social as they wanted me to be. At bars I was very secluded and always sat at the back of the bar and made sure that I was concealed so as to not draw attention to myself from anybody to boisterous about their exploits. Sure here and there I would carry on a conversation with somebody, but it was never of any concern to me. I was also very kind to the children that I had come across in my many travels. That was one of the few times that I would actually remove my hood for them. I would watch them and play with them until their bodies were completely worn out. Then I would bring them home to their parents and usually get a gratuitous thank you from them. I never stayed in any actual inns just floated around until I was out of the town. As you all know I never slept so I had no need for a bed of any sorts. I was a plain and simple wanderer with a secret that no one would ever know.

As I was walking on a dirt path in a very empty patch of woods I had the strong inkling that I was about to hit a landmark in my life. The trees were fully bloomed but there were no animals that lived in any of them. I didn't really want to think about the strangeness of the lifeless forest. I looked around and noticed that the wind never made any movement in the forest. It was beyond strange and I wanted out of there soon. The cold of the place was in my bones but not in my skin. I did not get chills I merely got soul frozen and I couldn't concentrate on where I was. Then it seemed out of nowhere there was a large castle in front of me. With nowhere left to go I decided on my worse judgment to enter. I closed the giant door behind me. On the outside it looked like an ordinary, if not smaller than, average castle. When I looked around it was that of a ingle roomed giant. In the center the floor was that of glass. I walked over to the glass and walked down to see it was a giant black hole in the floor. It swirled like a vortex of eternity with lightning bolts and clouds striking the vortex hear and there. "It is a beauty isn't it." Came a young female voice from my back. I turned to look at her and saw a girl around my own age. By this point I was that of the age of twenty. I kept the space between us decent but not far enough to be uncomforting. She had long dark brown hair past her lower back. Her eyes were that of the color purple. This was strange for I hadn't seen that color of eyes before. She was an attractive girl but at this time in my life I wasn't concerned with that aspect of living. I merely wanted to find who I was. She walked over to me and stopped about an inch from my face. "I know who you are Chains." She told me reassuringly. The odd part about the interaction was that I didn't feel scared. I almost felt safe with her there. "I am your angel Chains. I am here to help you when you need it. I will show up to you in times of confusion and loss. I will be your guide." She said as she took my hand in a comforting gesture. "My name is Estra and I will be here for you." She said as she put her hand over my eyes. She closed them and as I felt her warmth disappear I opened them to find myself in the middle of the field where I had started my journey a few years before.

Twenty-two is an age that will stay with me for the entirety of the rest of my life. It always reminds me of what my life should have been like. I had been walking through the woods as I so often did when it had gotten dark. I made a fire and settled in for my rest for the night. I looked at the stars and started to zone out for a little while. Then I heard a noise and darted upright. "You're chains aren't you?" came a female voice. I turned and saw a woman with long flaming red hair walk out for the tree line. "Yes I am and who would be inquiring this of me?" I asked her. "I am Leila Arestan. I am a messenger from your sister. She wants to see you." she told me walking closer. I lowered my guard a little. She seemed to be no threat to me.