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Shawn, sitting at a coffee table just inside Java Moon©, glared at the newspaper he held with a vice grip. He was looking at the list of resent victims of rape, murder and kidnapping that took place in New York City, his new home.

Shawn growled as he read further down the page, his eyes seemingly covered in ice that could pierce the soul out of anyone sane.

Shawn had served his time in prison, paid his debt back to society, leaving him with a frozen soul, memories of those he had failed, and those who abandoned him.

A man slowly made his way to Shawn's table and sat down across from him not commenting about the white knuckles Shawn supported.

"What do you want Gavin," Shawn asked in a low hiss that made the tall, blond hair, blue eyed male draw back slightly.

"Shawn, you are my partner," Gavin started bringing a half-smile to Shawn's face at how many different interpretations that statement could receive. "Can you at least try to be friendly?" Gavin almost pleaded, his warm blue eyes catching Shawn's deep green for a second as he pouted his lip out and clasped his hand reminding Shawn of a little kid.

"I told the chief not to give me a partner," Shawn growled, his half-smile gone as he once again tried to make Gavin hate him. "You are just the sorry soul who got stuck in the middle of our on-going spat," Shawn said as he neatly folded the newspaper in his hand and got up from the table and walked towards the door, trying not to think how much Gavin reminded him of a taller, older version of Chase.

Gavin, much to Shawn's displeasure got up from the table and followed him, "You know the chief wouldn't be so hard on you if you wore your uniform," Gavin stated almost as if he was suggesting that Shawn was wrong.

Shawn turned around and glared up at Gavin's eyes, making him take a step back, trying to maintain his distance, "yes, lets do that, lets yell to the world, SHAWN IS A COP," Shawn growled as Gavin supported his passive half-grin that seemed almost apologetic.

"Ok well maybe if you were a little more friendly and you know warmed up to people," Gavin suggested as he got in the passenger side of the cop car.

"I don't need friends," Shawn growled as he walked around the car and crawled into the drivers seat.

"Ok, well maybe if you were a little less aggressive," Gavin continued ignoring how Shawn peeled out of his parking spot, and slammed on his breaks at the stoplight making Gavin fly forward until his seat belt caught him.

"I don't have a problem with aggression," Shawn growled as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

"Are you in denial?" Gavin asked as Shawn speed up and gritted his teeth together.

"NO, I am not in denial," Shawn growled as he rounded the corner, ignoring the way the tires squealed underneath of them.

Gavin merely coughed as he sat back in his seat watching as the police station came into view, Shawn slowed down as he parked the car, put it into park and turned off the ignition.

"Out," Shawn growled at Gavin as he himself got out and led the way into the station, Gavin following closely behind him.

Shawn slammed open the door to Chief Franklin's office, ignoring the man that sat down in the chair talking to him.

"I can NOT work with HIM," Shawn spat as Gavin caught the chief's eye and shrugged.

"Gavin, Shawn," the police chief started, "this," he said pointing at the man, making sure to punctuate his sentence, "is Dominic Trevor, he is an FBI agent that has come here recruiting new staff," Shawn temporarily directed his glare at Dominic making eye contact with him he smiled a vindictive smile before Dominic looked away.

"Franklin," Shawn growled, now ignoring the agent, "I refuse to work with a care-bear therapist," Shawn growled as he looked eye contact with Franklin, "I want a different partner," Shawn turned around, leaving slamming the door on his way out.

"So that was the infamous Shawn DeVri," Dominic stated, "I'm sorry Franklin, the boy is just not qualified, he is two years two young, he seems short and lanky, he's blind in one eye, he hasn't been to college, he has an attitude problem, and he has been to prison,"

"He is actually graduating from college next month," Franklin calmly stated, "He transferred to us just a year ago, when he was around twenty, and is my best officer no matter his age, he is unbelievably strong and has never been defeated in hand to hand combat, and he can out-shot anyone here."

"Okay, what about his prison offense," Dominic argued, "he murdered two people," Dominic shot Franklin a glare almost as if challenging him.

"What is doesn't say in that report," Franklin said indicating the report in his hand, "is who and why he killed," Franklin said as he pulled out three pictures. "This is his mother, Sandy," Franklin said as he tossed the picture towards Dominic the woman in the picture was dead, a bullet hole between her eyes, "this was his mother's boyfriend at the time, Mark." Franklin said as he handed the picture to Dominic, Mark too was dead," and this is his little sister, Clara." Clara beamed happily from where she sat on a swing, her blond hair falling to her shoulders and a large smile plastered to her face that made her blue eyes shin.

Dominic raised his eyebrow as he examined the three pictures, "Mark was raping Clara when Shawn walked in with a gun in his hand, and Sandy was watching."

Dominic made a small 'o' with his mouth as he looked through the pictures again noticing that in both Mark and Sandy, the bullet hit directly between their eyes.

"And as for his attitude problem and his right eye," Franklin continued as Dominic looked back up at him, "he was in a maximum security prison for a year and a half and Conner Brooks took a pocket knife and attempted to carve out the poor kids eye."

"Conner Brooks?" Dominic asked with a raised eyebrow, "listen Franklin, I can't promise anything, but I'll talk to my boss, but I don't think he'll be to fond of have an ex-convict as an FBI agent," Dominic said as he pushed back he chair and turned to leave before pausing at the door. "It was nice to see you again," Dominic stated before walking though and disappearing into the busy office.


Shawn violently punched at the dummy before taking a small step back and lifting his leg to its side, watching amusedly as it swung to the right before bouncing back. Shawn spun on the ball of his foot before delivering another blow to the dummy with his leg, hearing a slight crack before someone jumped up and moved between him and the dummy. 'Stupid thing,' Shawn thought quietly as he remembered that this department could not afford the dummies with a plastic, or metal stand. Instead they were forced to get the ones with the wooden pole that breaks easily.

"Oi Shawn, we just got this bloody dummy," the boy growled, his English accent thick, he could not have been over eighteen, he seemed to look at Shawn without a single trance of fear, however Shawn knew better than that.

Taking a step forward, Shawn leaned towards the boy a smile on his lips knowing that teasing him was not nice. "You have lovely eyes," Shawn commented as the boy's deep blue eyes went wide as a crimson blush flooded over his face. His eyes concentrating on Shawn's right eye, it was a foggy blue color, with a navy blue center, there were also a few black lines running though his eye, contradicting heavily with his left deep green eye. Shawn had only his own weakness to blame, he knew that now.

The boy looked down at his feet to avoid looking at Shawn as he slowly moved to the side letting Shawn by who immediately started in on the dummy, making his inner torment obvious.

"Why do you do that," Shawn looked over at the boy; Oliver, his name was, he wriggled his hands together as nervousness engulfed his voice.

"Do what?" Shawn asked knowing full and well what the kid meant.

"Piss around with people's emotions and try to make everyone hate you," Oliver asked, as he lowered his head, his wavy sandy blond hair covering his eyes slightly.

"Oliver," Shawn asked his voice raising with a false concern, hearing this the boy raised his head, "your not getting emotional on me are you?" Shawn asked a hint of laughter gracing his voice, as Oliver shook his head no.

"Okay, but if I tell you this you are sworn to secrecy," Shawn said as he continued his assault on the dummy.

"Okay, I won't tell anyone I promise," Oliver said as he looked at Shawn in the eyes once again.

Oliver, despite what Shawn said or claimed was the only guy he could tolerate in the station, Gavin wasn't a bad guy, just annoying, he was always there with a question or accusation.

"If I don't let anyone in, if I don't have any friends," Shawn began, hesitating for a moments breath not sure if he wanted to continue and let the kid see this side of him. The side he was trying so desperately to hide from others, but he went on anyway," If I don't let anyone into my heart, then I won't get hurt if they were to ever leave me."

The room went into a sudden stage of silence. Oliver was almost sorry he had asked. Although he also felt privileged that Shawn was willing to confess such things to him.

Jone smiled softly wondering what else the auburn hair man kept locked inside of him and instantly regretted that he would be moving to Seattle soon.

"That's a really cocked up theory," Oliver said as he once again moved in between the dummy and Shawn, seeing that it was hanging lamely to the side, the wooden spine broken.

Shawn laughed as he looked at Oliver, for a moment feeling glad that he had trusted him to understand, that was before the shrewd voice of Franklin broke into his thoughts, "DeVri, get over here," Shawn immediately shut his eyes and let out a sigh of annoyance before he made his way towards the door which Franklin was standing in.

Franklin cast a short glance at Oliver, seemingly struggling with something before he just sputtered out, "YOU," a lame excuse for not knowing Oliver's name, however Shawn did not even know the boy's last name. "Get out of here, I need to talk to HIM," Franklin growled before motioning towards the door with his thumb.

Oliver smiled weakly, his eyes downcast as he slowly made his way towards the door, Shawn, seeing this suddenly wanted to comfort him, or hit Franklin for being such a jackass. Oliver slowly slipped out of the door and closed it silently behind him, almost as if he was trying to be invisible, Franklin started talking but Shawn was not listening, he was staring at the closed door.

"Are you listening to me?" Franklin shot out viciously catching Shawn's attention as he slowly turned back to him, looking him in the eyes, seeing that they were narrowed, almost as if Shawn had actually done something bad. Shawn briefly ran through the day's events in his head not thinking of anything.

"No," Shawn answered truthfully seeing Franklin's face become red with frustration.

"I SAID HOW COULD YOU ACT LIKE THAT IN FRONT OF AGENT TREVOR!" Franklin was screaming now at the top of his lungs and Shawn did not doubt that the whole station could hear him.

"What do you mean," Shawn shrugged his shoulders, "it's not like I was stupid enough to sign up for a spot in the FBI," Shawn studied as Franklin steadily went a mahogany color, from what Shawn guessed to be lack of breathing.

"I SIGNED YOU UP," Franklin moved towards the wall and leaned up against it slightly before turning his glare once again onto Shawn.










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