Angel Visiting Insanity

Here I am with my everlasting hug

A hug that I have never given

But this time he came back

And to madness he was driven

The angel, The angel!

He is white and pure and light and gold

His words muttered a song

Though I could not understand

I saw he meant to tell me

He told me of my past

How I should forever forget

He told me of me present

How I should forever live

And, he told me of my future

How never would I see it

Because of him, I lacked

The life all human possess

He told me how he passed

To be ever present

In my dead future

With words echoed in a sweet latin

He penetrated my head

Rearranging my thoughts

Offering refuge in my head

No! No!

My madness is one I chose

Though my hug was forced upon

Minds can not be juggled

Even by superior souls

So, so the angel came

So, so the angel left

I refused his light and love

I refused his proposed future

And through the windows he fled

To never again to me be led

And so I watch the squared rays

Penetrate my muffled home

Though I miss his pretty songs

Now, my mind free it roams.