i was the ice queen
you the cigarette
smouldering softly in the Neanderthal blizzard

then you sat by me during Lunch
smiled Sunkist oranges
asked if the seat was taken
and sat anyway
when i glared broken icicle shards

want to hear a joke, you asked?
i knew you'd tell me anyway.

(there were five people walking in a line
when suddenly the first, third and fifth died.
'cause a MacDonald's sign fell on them.)

you laughed yourself stitches
while i gazed uncomprehending
for five seconds of forever

then i spared you a 'ha.ha.'
instead of my usual 'oh whatever's,
rolling my eyes to Nirvana
(though you'd only mime bowling them back)

hey! i got a laugh out of the snow princess!
you were incredulous
ice, i corrected
but you only smiled microwaves
to melt my bulletproof frozen water shell

and i knew then you were
aurora borealis across my night sky
guiding me through labyrinth shopping malls
you were my neon pole star
giving your regards to Broadway.

-kismet. 11th January 2005.