Frayed Love

I am dying, dying away today
My heart is shredded and frayed
Love has broken me, destroyed me
My soul is darkening inside of me
Things I care about don't matter
The thought of him will make me sadder

I was there for you, every day
Still you falter and turn away
Even now I cry
All of me wants to die
Can't live without you by my side
My heart is in flames inside

What was it I failed to give to you?
When was I never true?
As far as I know I was never unfaithful
Of me you were always so grateful
Now you are in pain
Our love seems to be slain

Hanging by thin hopes thread
how long until all we had is dead?
All that keeps our love alive is a question
The answer to which will determine our annihilation
Are we meant to forever be?
me and you, you and me?

Only God knows now
Only He can determine how
The paths our futures will take
If sorrow will be within our wake
I pray for you and me
I pray that our love is meant to be...