New Angel's Sorrow

The Lord grants me hope in the darkest of Time
brings my soul out of its sorrow and grime
He's shown me I'm stronger than I used to me
shown me the beauty of being able to See
With the help of friends and honest love
I learned to trust in the beauty of the power above

Now I look upon my twin
I see a frown, no grin
Tears wet a once gentle face
full of life, full of grace
The eyes that encaptured me
are darkened by harsh reality

I wanted to be there
of this I swear
but just this once I couldn't be
Your eyes filled with tears, turned away from me
I am sorry I couldn't be your shoulder to cry on
Sorry I couldn't heal your pain with a song
An angel can't forever be by your side
At least I will always be found inside

Help me be there when you cry
Know I will always try
To pull you from annihilation
To save you from sure devastation
I promised you!
I'm am crying now for you
Crying for a voice I cannot hear
Crying for the pain you fear
If only, if only I were there
To prove to you I care
I place my trust in what God does understand
To be there when no one else can
Trust me, trust me
I am here to set you free