I Think I Can

I watch the hammer blows rain down
See the Devil's angry frown
And wonder why it never seems
like I can stitch your broken seams
I see in your eyes a raging fire
I see your hearts desire
If only there was more
I could do to stop the sore
Deep within
beneath your skin

I don't feel like I'm doing enough
the times for you are rough
day in day out you cry
I'm here for you, I'll try
to add more notes to your souls song
to bandage the wound, right the wrong
My love for you will stop the flood
the endless flow of blood
that comes from mysteries unfurled
when caring for this pain filled world

The Lord was so generous when he blessed you with me
The one who pulls you from dark reality
Drying the crimson tears
Riding your being of fears
I do only what I can
reaching out a hand
To help you let your soul ring true
To help you do what you long to do
Come back, come out of the night
Let your soul free and win back the light.