Teach Me the Answers

Truth, the light, may be
something more than those words said to me
the light of the Soul, the warmth of the Heart
making up this spiritual art

I've seen the darkness surrounding all
I know the pain of taking the fall
To the place where no one ever hears
The place where the hopeless drown in tears

Can anyone believe in Truth and Light?
With Light the darkness we will fight
Together you and me
can fight the horrors of a tormented sea

Some stand alone on barren sands
the grains of Truth slip through their hands
blind to the Truth that pulls us through
uncertain of what the honest knew

Reach out to those with souls so kind
The bonds of brotherhood intertwine
A chance for a better reality
An ever growing family

My eyes, my mind begin to understand
the answers, the Truth of God's command
The way Life is meant to be
an overflowing cup of spirituality

From someone who has much to learn
my Heart and Soul do yearn
for the Truth you hold inside
for the Voice in which you confide

Tell, me show me what you know
The Light that melts the snow
Show me the path out of my strife
Teach me the answers to life