Malignant Rose

Reminding me of who and what I am meant to be
My eyes aren't clouded and I perceive the Truths of reality
The hurt and pain of the starving
Inside it is carving
Away my soul, my heart
Calling out to me to play my part
I am so young, what if I shall fail?
From this injustice my being does quail

I hear and feel the calls of the helpless
How did the world become such a mess?
Why isn't anyone helping the poor?
Why isn't anyone kind hearted any more?
Too wrapped up in selfishness and greed
Too consumed with themselves to help those in need
What the world has become now
Can't help but wonder, how?

I turn my face up towards the Lord
Look, look and see the growing horde
The dead and the dying
The weeping and the crying
It's everywhere and each day it grows
Forever blooming like a malignant rose
With thorns full of poison of hatred and tears
Petals with promises of darkening years