Silent Soul

I have questions, inquiries from within
I want forgiveness for my sin
So hypocritical I can sometimes be
When hatred blackens my soul and darkness consumes me
And I find myself lost in familiar places
People I love are evil and laugh with blackened faces
Burned away by so many sins and despair
I want to leave this life where nothing is fair

But the call of Truth and the love of friends
Calls me back from the beckoning end
Death, the calling can wait another day
I still have my destined part to play
In helping people find who they are
In keeping life from creating another scar
I am here for you
Tell me what to do
Can I help you find the light?
Can I help you from your plight?
Choose now, not tomorrow
For tomorrow could be another day of midnight sorrow
Do you want what I can bring
A chance for your soul to sing?
Do you?