Voice in Darkness

I can only show you the way
It's up to you to truly say
"I want no more of this darkness and hate!
No more will it my soul berate!"
I am not saying I am better than you
I can only help you be you

You ask me how I can be there
How I can stitch the cut, mend the tear
I cannot honestly tell you how
I am only a teenager now
But so many thank me
For showing them who they can be
For leading them away from a life of sin
For showing them who they are within

But I know not what I have done
I know not how the darkness I have won
All I can say is I know of the eternal night
For its demons I have had to fight
Down, down into the abyss I fell
Into the heated pits of hell
And only with the help of a devoted friend
Was I able to climb out again
I thank him for adding light to my shade
Thank him for making the darkness fade

That is all I am, you see
Just a young girl, just me
And in this way I can set your soul free
Let you be who you are meant to be
I will be that friend reaching out a hand
To pull you from your pain filled land
And I promise blood does not stain
Please do not refrain
Helping others is what I do
I promise I will not harm you

If you doubt my word, cringe from my hand
I tell you now, I will understand
For I did the same once before
I'll regret it forever more
But true friends don't back away
With you they will forever stay

I hope this makes sense to you
The things I am trying to do
I just want to make the world a better place
I want you to be willing to show your true face
But in the end you make the choice
To kill the darkness with your own voice.