True Love's Promise

I remember a day so very long ago
When Light was something I didn't know
A time when the darkness was my only friend
The time I nearly met my end

I followed a treacherous, terror filled path
filled with the evil of Satan's wrath
Alone with the pain inside
looking for a place to hide
Away from the reality I faced
Away from night and pain interlaced

Every day hot tears I would cry
I wished, I wanted so much to die
My skin, my flesh is forever scared
My soul, my heart I battered and marred
Yet no matter what I did to me
You were determined to make me See
The Joys of Hope, of Light, of Mirth
You showed me my life really wasn't cursed

Now that I have learned a painful lesson
I long to make your sorrow lessen
I see, I feel the pain within
From your mistakes and sin
You are only human, a young man still
A man with a heart, a soul, a will
And I refuse to stand back and watch as you burn
Refuse to see you die as the world forever turns

I promise you, dear heart, my love
To once again let you hear a dove
To see the painted morning sky
No more will you drown in Satan's lie
You can be strong in the face of the night
Your courage and kindness will win your fight

And when the pain inside is too much for you
Remember the promise I made to you
I will never leave your side
My love for you will heal the pain inside
Even when my body is gone
My spirit will live forever on
Watching every thing you do
Filling those missing parts of you