Wisdom of the Questioning Wise

What is wisdom friend of mine
a mix of experiences and pain intertwined
A whisper in a listening ear
Words that only a few will hear

So many see our generation as wrong
the end to what they wanted all along
it is our duty to fix the mistakes
to fill the waters of Hopes great lakes
One grain of rice can tip the scales
the grain to stop the children's wails

Stand by me, won't you please
by the one you said always Sees
What do I See
After all, I'm just me

I See no more than you ever do
how can I be better than you
I'm not, can't you understand
I am just learning the impact of God's command
Something you know all too well
The one thing I was blinded to when I fell
What I see now
and I wonder how
I didn't see the Light before
When that was what my heart was waiting for
A chance to never be alone again
a chance to be part of the salvation of men

Maybe that is the wisdom I perceive
Maybe that is the wisdom each day I receive
The understanding that my beliefs are real
Knowing I need to Trust what I feel
To be who I am meant to be
To help those around me See
What Truth can truly do
If only you knew

Perhaps I am the one searching for an answer
The one who wonders, why does it matter
Maybe I am the helpless one standing in the sands
The grains of Truth slipping through my hands
Thinking I will never find
The link to which my heart will bind

I hardly know anything anyway
How is it that anyone can say
How beautiful my soul can be
Outshining the darkness of reality
I can be so hypocritical and mean
Away from Hope I tend to lean
Yet you are forever by my side
Telling me in God I should confide
for He is the one who will always listen
the one who will make your Heart and Soul glisten

Wisdom is what you say I process
but really, I am just like all the rest
No better than you
Just doing what I do
Trying to help you See
Trying to get you to be
A person who understands the importance of choice
Someone with a powerful voice

Here I seem to forever stand
Within the barren sand
Holding fast to the grains of Trust
Hoping I'm doing what I must
To rid myself of the Darkness within
To rid myself of the blackened sin.