Gift of Your Angel

Does anyone ever experience
Does anyone ever get a glance
Of the pains I feel each day
From what people do and say

I feel the pain inside of you
And I wonder, what can I do
There is only so much
A whisper and a touch
Or maybe something more
To stop your inner horror
Tell me, confide in me
There has to be
A way for me to end the pain I see, I feel
Tell me, I long to know of a way to heal

That's what I am here for
Didn't I tell you before
Distance has no meaning, it matters not
Or is that something you forgot
No matter where you are
close to me or gone so far
My heart is still forever tied
My feelings for you have not yet died
Thus I feel you day and night
Always there to end your fright
In life and again in death
You will forever feel my breath

Some days your pain is overwhelming
It seeps into me and I feel I am drowning
And I wonder how you can bare to stand
In such a horrible pain filled land
You tell me you are strong
As long as you hear the Lords Devine song
Nothing will bring you down
Nothing can break that golden crown

I feel for you, I worry
That one day you will break from your fury
And turn away from the Light within
And follow the path of Satan's sin
I am fearful that you will forget our love
Forget the angel sent to you from above
And turn away from life
Embrace your darkness and your strife

But why should I let my imagination
Gain such satisfaction
I know you too well
you won't fall to hell
Not while you have my missing part
Sitting somewhere close to your heart