Soul Dream

Often I find myself wondering
in my times of suffering
If I am the one to set you free
the one to help you See
Butterfly wings, the blooming rose
Cold white snowflakes upon your nose

It seems all you want to know
Is the coldness of the blinding snow
The darkness of the forever night
blinding you to the Truth and Light

Free will allows you to make the choice
I wish you would listen to my voice
It is calling, calling, calling
out to the Soul that is falling
down into the pits of hell
down into the blackest well

Do you even know me?
Do you perceive reality?
Or do you drown in all your fears
your fingers broken by shattered mirrors
Oh horrors, oh terror, oh misery
is all you think I want you to see
No, no it isn't so
If only you could know

I'm reaching out a hand
in hopes that you understand
There is more to life than sin
look to yourself, find the answers within

There must be a way
I will find it someday
to get a blackened Soul to shine
to defeat the sands of Time
so no longer will there be black doubt
No longer will there be pain in vast amount
A day, a dream I see
When everyone's soul will finally be free