Spiral Staircase

Down the twisted staircase, dark and labyrinthine
On the man stumbled, blood dripping from his chin
His left hand on his wounded chest, his right upon the rail
Also to keep his balance, he gently swayed his tail

Step after step, he slowly descended
On he went, to have his harsh wound mended
Death twinkled in his soon to be glazed eye
He coughed up blood as he attempted a sigh

He held in the cries from his excruciating pain
As he watched his own blood flow down the spiral drain
His tail fell limp; his hand lost the ability to grip
As he fell forward, on his own blood he slipped

Down he rolled, bouncing every other step
He groaned in pain as he reached their lowest depth
His body fell cold as his eyes drew shut
He let out one last cry as he felt every cut

Then nothing…