Why, Daddy?

You were a man of wisdom, inner beauty and charm.

But your disappearance only came as an alarm.

You left in a sudden; no last kisses or embraces.

Why did you let the glad be swiped from our very faces?

No suitcases. No letter.

Why, Daddy? Even Mommy said you two were getting better.

There was no more screaming or yelling every night,

While I was never getting sleep through all your painful fights.

Yet, you were gone in the morning, leaving us in surprise.

It couldn't be true. It could only be lies.

I thought at first that you'd come back.

But that soon ended – you were gone and that was fact.

"It's not your fault," said Mommy, "not anyone's fault at all.

It's just something that happens." Our tears began to fall.

How could it be so cruel for life to be like this?

Why does Mommy and I have to mourn for a man we'll always miss?

Papers were signed and documents made,

And my little being seemed to slowly fade.

Daddy, will you ever come to give my face a beam?

"No," Mommy said, "only in years to come it seems."

But I know why you're gone, now understanding as the days go by.

Mommy's right, it's no one's fault. All you did was die.