Breaking down

Because the world is going crazy

And all I have left to prove it

Is an arm full of scars

And thunderclouds above my head

Yet there is something beautiful in the madness

That makes the angry world go around,

And around it goes

Spinning with delight since

To live to love to breathe is so damn complicated

Who is to say that nothing is wrong

When the lightening strikes with a bang

And a boom and a flash

The world is going crazy as it spins,

But be grateful that it spins

Or we would all fall off dazed and confused

With gravity constantly keeping our lives in line

What makes the world go around?

Guess there are too many philosophies to contain the humankind

So pray that the world keeps turning

And may you find what you are looking for behind you

In front of you

Around you

Because there is no east or west,

North or south,

There is a reason a compass is round,

The only way to travel is

In circles.