DreamScapes: Whinith
Part 1

(Above image is of Whinith/Wind)

Whinith dropped her bags in front of the DreamScapes High School, like so many before her. She looked up at the building with her big bright blue eyes, pushing a few strands of her long stringy brown hair out of the way. Images moved through her mind of those who stepped on this same ground before her. She saw strong boys feeling weak before the large building, while others just had total and complete fear of the building and thier futures. Children abandoned by their parents to learn their talents, wishing to die instead of being condemned to this school, others finding it a release or escape from the abuse of their parents. Children not understanding or knowing their future, seeing only death before them. Whinith could not see the future, but she could see the past. The stronger the emotion the clearer the image. Whinith then got an image of a girl, who looked upon the building with determination, the girl had the hope like many, but the fearlessness of few. Whinith took that image into her mind, holding onto it strongly. With a deep breath Whinith picked up her bags and walked into the building, determined to be like that girl who ever she was, bravery and strength in the middle of the unknown.

The inside of the building was much like that of any hotel of the area. People rushing around to get to important meetings, others talking in groups from their soft couchs. The only difference was these people were almost all young. They where Whinith's age, students at the High School, and soon she would become one as well.

The front desk stood over to the right, a smart looking bruenette behind the counter. Dressed in a white shirt with a thin black tie. She most-likely wore dress slacks or a skirt, but Whinith could not tell with the desk blocking her view.

"Excuse me ma'am?" smiles Whinith looking over the young girl. "I'm new here, I am supposed to become a student at this school."

"But of course, what is your name then?" asked Lilly, her name displayed on a name badge on her chest. Leaning over to type in the name to the computer.

Whinith watched the simple grace of the girl, as more images came to her from the past of many boys looking at her in lust, and in lust over those girls who worked the front desk before her. Whinith snapped out of the images. "It's Whinith ma'am, but people call me Wind for short." Whinith's eyes turned away from the girl who typed on her computer madly, to look around the lobby more. Fake plants grew beneath orbs of fake sunlight, and the discussions at the different tables started making more sense. The talks were not on business as in the hotels around the planet, but of school and simpler things like relationships.

From behind the desk, she heard a ruffling of paper as the lady with her almost demanding ways set down a packet of papers for Whinith. "That's your room assignment on top. Read the rules, and have a nice day." and with those simple words the conversation was over.

Whinith, finding no way to start up the conversation again, and not wanting to either. She grabbed the pack of papers off the desk looked at the top sheet which read 'Room 716'. 'Great,' thought Whinith to herself, 'Up high with all the images of those scared of heights, but to scared to change their room.'

Whinith walked over to the elevator with her packet of papers, and luggage. She stood by the door of the elevator for a long time, but each time the elevator would fill with people, and she could not bring herself to enter the small area with so many people. She finally gave up waiting and got in, when it looked free, only to have a man rush in as the doors closed.

Whinith closed her eyes and focused her thoughts in on herself, as the man turned to her. "Hi, I'm Tim. You must be new?" He extended his hand. She turned to look at him, the closed quarters sending his thoughts to her. 'She's petrified, must be claustrophobia, hope she hasn't see the rooms yet.'

"I'm Whinith, glad to meet you." She nodded and shrugged off his extended hand, using the excuss of her hands being filled with luggage. A sigh of relief as Tim seem to take no offence at the rejected handshake. "I'm new," explained Whinith, lowering her eyes abit facing the door and willing the elevator to move faster. The bell dinged as her floor stopped. "My floor, excuse me, nice to meet you Tim." She gather her bags closer to her and moved out into the hallway.

Tim moved to help her with her bags. "Here let me-"

"It's quite alright... I'm trying to experience, total independance if you don't mind." She grabbed her stuff, and walked off. 'Stupid, stupid.' The doors of the elevator closing behind her, leaving Tim on it with a confussed look. 'Experiancing total independence, where did I get that crap.' Whinith asked herself.

Room '716' loomed ahead of her. "Open please, Whinith" The doors slid open, and she walked in, dropping her stuff at the doorway. The room was small, but not as small as she feared. The door slid shut and a girl got off of the top bunk of the bunk bed walking over to her. Whinith clearly shocked. "Hi, I'm Meranda. Deja Vu and how are you? You're Whinith, I know. Or I will in a moment."

"Yes I am Whinith, and who are you?" Whinith moving into the room looking around. Touching the walls lightly getting quiet images from them.

"I'm your room mate, Meranda. Yeah, yeah. Your not suppose to have roommate, and please don't say it, please! I hate Deja Vu, it's a pain really. Anyways. They put us together and well we are stuck together, it won't be so bad. Now you want to speak."

Whinith walked over to the bed, looking over at the other stuff in the room. Whinith was a simple girl, and Meranda was nothing such. She had a tall atheletic build, brown curls that where pulled into a pony tail. "I was supposed to have a room to myself. You see I can't share a room with you." Meranda moved onto the lower bunk bed next to where Whinith was standing. "I get images, all sorts of images, I'm getting them from you. I can't stop them. Please, just give me space." Whinith asked this, with as much control as possiable, and currently she was alright but she never knew when the images would over take her.

"Wow, so it's like a running viva-set in your head all the time. I mean for me it's a pain because you can see things in advance but too late to actually put the bets down. That's at least what my dad would say." Meranda smiled and had an easy way about her. Where as Whinith couldn't shut out the images, one could wonder if Meranda could ever stop talking. However, she did stop for a moment, but only to think on things. Her thoughts as fast and moving as her speach.

"Please!" pleaded Whinith, her mind flooding with images of a daughter and her father. He would walk with her for fishing near their home, and then the images changed to when he would hit her. "I can't take this. Just go away." Whinith asked of Meranda, turning her face to the wall and placing a hand against it for support.

Meranda walked over to Whinith who looked obviously in pain. Whinith held her slightly bowed head in one hand. Meranda gentle took Whinith's hand away from her head. "Quiet now... Listen." Meranda spoke calmly as if speaking to a scared animal. Images of Meranda's family dog came to Whinith's mind. " Imagine a wall, a big wall around you. You get images, so see the image of this wall I'm building around me. Build one around your self. It will block the noise."

Inside Whinith's mind she got a quiet image of a wall, and slowly the noise of Meranda's emotions became quieter. Whinith brushed a tear away from her eye that she didn't notice was there a moment ago. "It stops a bit, please do keep your walls up, very strong. It's a gift, that's just to strong for me." She explained, and leaned turned to lean against the wall in the room.

"Nothing is too powerful, otherwise we wouldn't be here." Meranda hugged Whinith. "So are you going to stay?" Whinith's body tensed up as Meranda hugged her, however she slowly relaxed as the images where being blocked away.

Whinith nodded a little as the images became silent. The noises and images were quiet for the time being, but she knew they would return, they always did.

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