Antediluvian Reminiscences

(Old-Age Memoirs)


The enflamed city crackled and burned as nature fought with itself. The fire element was to clash against the earth element, that evening. Evidently, fire was to win this conflicted. With an expression showing dismay, a tall woman stood on top of the cliff standing in an upright position. The restless wind blew the woman's cape back and forth. Maybe this wind was aiding the fire in the battle? If so, why did the earth have no such handicap? No such future could remain inevitable.

In quite a distance, on a cliff over looking the city was a woman almost veiled within the forest. So many things were on the woman's mind. She pondered if her family escaped safely and she questioned why she thought that she was the only survivor. Anger and frustration lay upon her mind, as well as the impossible occurrences that could happen.

Two shimmering canine teeth emerged from the simper under the cold frown. Oddly, it seemed that this woman held a strong power that could dominate the many nations of this world named Atesthil. If she could control the power within her true self, she could also become a heroine.

After contemplating to herself for quite some time, she began talking to herself aloud.

"This is an unfortunate happening. It must be bestowed upon me for what reason? What have I done to deserve this? Could it be that my future decides my past?" She clenched her fist and bit the bottom of her lip, causing her lip to turn redder with only a white margin around the area that her teeth applied pressure at.

"I must take my revenge on the demonic souls who inflict pain on those surrounding me, including myself. I, Manidel Shasarazade, shall take my revenge."

Fire orbs ejected into the firmament, igniting the frail willow trees. The tree danced in flames as the air stream endorsed the fire. Another element had taken part in the fight, Wind. Oddly, screams were not herd as the battle raged viciously on. All and sundry were dead, Manidel thought. She could obviously be erroneous, though. For the one who she looked hardest for was her dear brother.

Manidel continued to stare at her birthplace which was being incinerated by the deliberate seconds which passed. Her onyx tangled hair began to curl at the ends. After a few minutes passed, she walked backwards into the shadow forest. Never in a brief time would she appear back, for only does her fate lies inside the diminutive essentials of her heritage.

Manidel Shasarazade took the path of what some may call hate; she believed it to be revenge. One year passed after the tragedy that created an immense stain that could never rinse out of the invisible pure white garment she wore below the dark cloak. Though, young Manidel didn't slay anyone, she was sent to prison because of her menace and psyche games. Her expedition starts here, in a bitter cubicle.

Fate took its avenue, therefore proving that fact that all that lives must die.