My Founding Father

"We, the people".

That's never what you meant.

I doesn't matter what you say

If you mean it in another way.

Standing tall and proud,

You're an icon of our desire.

You speak sweet words . . .

Tell us what we want to hear.

You're the thing we want to be.

We're the only thing you fear.

Stand for freedom,

Justice, and right.

You built this system

To please the might

But you use it to hide from us.

You fooled us to believing

Your interest was only us.

But what you really cared about

Was your safety from us.

We held you in our eyes

As our saviors, as our lords.

"All men are created equal".

But we're not men to you.

You thought of us as vermin

As scoundrels and a mob.

And now we learn what's in your mind

We learn you were a lie.

"We" is just a pronoun.

Just like "him", or "her", or "it".

It could just mean a certain group,

And it's never meant for us.

And now your image . . . It will fall.

As we learn about it all.

You were my father, and my brother.

But I learned this was not true.

If you are not right, if you are not just,

Then who am I supposed to trust?