Love, Willed

I will not love you with every breath,

For breath will one day from me depart.

Thus using this same logic,

I forcefully refuse to love you with my heart.

A time will come when that muscle's work will cease.

Love's shelter would renounce it's beat and life from my form would fly.

And if I entrust my love's being therein,

It would have no other choice but, with me, to die.

I could throw my love into the universe

But I wouldn't trust it there,

For while it started with a bang,

It might go out with a flare.

I shall but love you with Whatever, nameless to me,

Has always been and will always Be.

So that my love may survive and thrive

Past the boundaries of all gods and eternity.

Yet I will speak of it not a word.

For so immense is my love for thee,

That I will not debase it with consummation.

I simply will it to Be.