by fabian cortez

You were so sad

I understood so well

Yet it was deeper

I couldn't approach

As that guarded

Gate you lock

Now regularly

Kept me



How broken I felt

From this yet showed


Then your silence was


"When our child passed

He took the best of you

With him

I never understood until

Now, but you didn't love

Me for a long time before

His death

Yet I do now

So you have to know…

"I feel sad because

I don't love you anymore".

I could not tear at

Your words, albeit stunned

I simply packed

Ordered a cab

And left

Such a burden it

Was to carry for so

Long; now I was

Free, for you were


It was time to

Bring the curtain down

On our performance

That would garner

No final


copyright©2005 fabian cortez