A/N: This is something I wrote after having watched a friend hurt by a boy, and thinking about how many others I've known been hurt, I came up with this. Enjoy.

Wounds of the Heart

Tears of pain, of loss, of lonliness, flow from the eyes of the girl,

Sitting alone in her dark room.

She's been wounded deeply

But these wounds cannot be seen,

Wounds of the heart,

Caused by the thoughtlessness of a boy,

How many times does this happen?

How many times have girls had their hearts broken?

Or boys been crushed?

How often does love

Or the yearning for affection

Cause this pain, these wounds?

Wounds of the heart

that'll slowly heal

But leave behind scars,

And painful memories and lessons,

Caused by love, and the cruelty of others.

Such pain I have seen others, close and distant, feel

Due to this love and the carelessness, whether by accident or intent,

That wounds these people.

I have heard the heartfelt crying over the loss

And seen the scars, wounds, and bruises caused by these cruel lovers.

So much pain, all for the pleasure of this love.

But I have decided, from what I have seen

That the joy some call love isn't worth those

Wounds of the heart

And so, I feel now that

Love isn't worth the effort, time, or energy, because...

Love sucks