Writing away all my fears because I can do this, I don't need sharp objects, not today. Tears burn within; I'm letting them free, without seeing the droplets of blood against my skin.

Do I have to hate myself?

Do I have to change myself?

Do I have to be someone else?


My flaws are what separate me from the crowd, make me human, make me real. Not the blade. It never helped, I don't regret it, experiences make us who we are today. We have to make mistakes, I've made mine, though I'm not proud I'm not ashamed. Not completely cured but I refuse to fall so help me Lord. This isn't for you or anyone else, this is for me, determination my fire inside, lighting the courage that dwells within. Maybe now I can finally smile as I let go of the sadness, watch the depression melt away.

Can I be happy now?

I ask as I reflect on my past.

Have I now succeeded?

Releasing the desire to be perfect, something I'm not. Loving who I am through my faults, surrounded by positive influences, eyes on my goal, let the battle begin.