Opening Those Seeing Eyes

Can't see me, can't hear me
Or do you not want to see
Be willing to climb out of your hole
Be willing to save your soul

Don't tell me I haven't walked your path
Don't tell me I don't know of Satan's wrath
I'm telling you, I know sorrow
I know the pain of dreading the morrow
Of wanting each day to die away
Cry away, fly away
To a place where there is no pain
A place where your soul can feel at peace in the rain

It's better to light one candle than curse the darkness
Better to smile than frown upon happiness
It's there, the Light inside of you
Wondering where to go, what to do
Can you see it
Can you feel it
Is it dead and gone
Have I waited too long?

Time here has no meaning
Your light, your soul I am glimpsing
Though you may not see
what is so important to me
Your soul has beauty, I know it does
I want to bring back what was

Nothing in this life lasts forever
No eternity for man, no never
For every beginning, there is and end
For every enemy there is a friend
For every frown there is a smile
For every old one there is a child
For every sorrow there is Hope
You only have to learn to cope
With the darkness and hurt inside
Don't take the easy road and hide

Listen, Listen
Your soul is missing
The Light and Joys of life
The opposite of strife
Oh listen, oh tell me, oh hear
What is it that you fear?