Born Again Angel

Imperfect you may be
But don't you understand what you've given me?
A chance to live out my life again
To move away from the pain I was in
Now when I cry, I cry for you
Wishing there was more I could do
To stop the tears you cry
To stop the continuous lie

Don't turn away from a smile
Stop and talk to me awhile
Don't turn your back upon the sun
Understand love, you were the one
Your hand helped pull me through
Not anyone else but you
Who would have helped me if you had not
Without you my life most would have forgot

Look and see the little things you have done
The small parts that you have won
To become what you are today
After coming all this way
Listen to your angel from above
Listen to your love
You, yes you have a wonderful heart
Your soul shines bright with the spiritual art
Do you believe me
Can you see?
It's there