Darkness' Between

Shavica, I thank you for your voice
With you I can help some understand the choice
Of being or becoming
Or doing or dreaming
Of the person you are meant to be
The person the future will see

Mydnight, do you so embrace
The small pleasures of black silk and lace
When you can get no hated denial
From the soft warmth of a child's smile
No broken glass turned to harsh sand
From an honest, offered hand

One man's heaven is another man's hell
One man's meadow is another's black well
But, to see you in such blind despair
To see your heart with such a tear
Brings sorrow to my heart
Feels like I've been shot by a lethal dart

If you can't stand in the light
Away from the horror and fright
Can you perhaps move into the shade
one step closer to making darkness fade
The place of between
A place few have seen
And now that the hour grows late
I leave you in the hands of fate . . .