Secret Self, Dusty Shelf

Nothing is ever what is seems
In Life or in our Dreams
Life goes ever, forever on
The Angels sing our song
And still humanity will wonder
What brings the Light, the thunder

Why must we suffer to find ourselves
Why do we leave childhood on dusty shelves
Ah Bliss, blessed naivety
The secret Joys of calamity
With the coming of knowing what's True
Of knowing what we are meant to do

Shade my blessed friend
may our friendship never end
the darkness shall never harm
our love is our eternal charm
With you forever, on beyond death
My soul, my heart shall never rest

Mydnight your words amaze me
its true that you want to see
a way out of the ongoing night
a way to see the heavenly light
one day the curtain before your eyes
will surely ripple and rise
showing you the truth you seek
the inheritance of the meek
I hope one day you see what you desire
surrounded by your hearts bright fire

Shavica, what is written in stone
by what you want, what you own
doesn't always have to be forever
no promise of the never
Even so I too bow to your wisdom
What you understand is only seen by some
who don't blind themselves to conformity
your eyes aren't blind, this is clear to me
What you believe, I have said before
is guided by what your heart is searching for

Somewhere inside all of you is a hidden flame
glowing despite all hurt and shame
I hope one day you can find
A chance for hopelessness to unwind
Believe in what you do
Believe in being you