Listen and Tell

Gone to hell and back
To that dreaded place I have been
So much that I do lack
from the blackness of my sin
Red lines in honest flesh
my pain seen by all who dared to look
my life was such a dreaded mess
recorded in the devil's book

No longer do I drop to the bottom of that well
The fire within me is stronger today
My soul no longer will evil sell
My voice, my mind has so much to say
I wonder, can a poem truly express
Can a poem truly show
No more, no less
than what I want you to know?

Ah, why do I doubt what is true
Who would lie to me
The hopelessness within I slew
In order to make my blind eyes see
But now my mind is wandering
making you bored
the point seems to be faltering
I'm falling back into the horde

I hope you will turn a listening ear
to a young one you deem as wise
there is so much in this world that I fear
the blood, the pain before my eyes
Can I stop it, can I
Can't stop the sun from rising
Inside my heart and soul do cry
this hatred I am despising
I feel so hopeless, so lost and alone
so many questions broken
shall I die as a forgotten old crone
my beliefs and questions never spoken?

Who am I to judge
the passing time, the Word
I don't want to hold a grudge
seem so wrong or absurd
I only wish to help those blind to themselves
show them the light once shown to me
I want people the be themselves
be all that they can be

So tell me your story
tell me your fears
don't tell me you're sorry
let me see your tears
I will not say you are wrong
I won't tell you are right
I will help you with your soul's bright song
I will help you find your light