Love, A Healer

The emptiness inside of me
if you will stop a moment and see
is constantly filled by warmth and love
by my devoted angel from the skies above
So young yet so wise
wiping tears from my eyes

His love for me heals my wounded heart
gentle hands and the spiritual art
from him I need no material things
the greatest gift he gave was my steel wings
Given to me only when hells journey met its end
when the soul within did mend

Everyone has a time to cry
everyone has a time to die
inside over their dying light
faltering dreams, weakening might
No matter how bright your life
you cannot escape the strife
that comes with being you
the countless things you do

Love breaks down the toughest walls
Love answers the weakest calls
Love makes those blind eyes see
Love heals a wounded knee
Love heals a broken art
Love mends the broken heart