Imitation Is Suicide

"Let's go hang out tonight."
I hear their giggles

Though they are out of sight > > > >

I peak around my locker

Too soon, I realize as they cry

"What are you doing, loser?" > > > >

Shunned, I back away

Tugging at my backpack

I'll wait for another day > > > >

I hate the kids at school

I'll always be a nobody

Just another one of their tools > > > >

I quickly turn around

"Marcy, you're such a freak!"

They say because her skin is brown > > > >

She cries, picking up her books

I want to help her

But I'd get too many weird looks > > > >

Knocked off my feet

"Idiot! Get out of my way!"

They never miss a beat. > > > >

Like a blade, they wield their power

Pounding the meek, like Marcy and me

No hope for us, lost in the hours > > > >

I trudged on, trying to get home

Refusing to cry

Their words still cut to the bone > > > >

I made a resolve that day

Never to back down

I would change this way > > > >

But that was me, a long time ago

And I'm not going back there

Why stoop so low? > > > >

"Oh my gosh!" I shout. "Look at her hair!"

We point and cackle in our group

As if she is not even there > > > >

We don't see her tears

She doesn't matter, not one of us

Who cares if she can hear? > > > >

We prance off down the hall

Talk of boys and fashion

No one notices Marcy hit the wall > > > >

By the next day, the whole school had been told

Marcy had committed suicide

Farewell, to the so-called bold > > > >

Not many knew her well

Many soon forgot her

But no one knew her hell > > > >

Just another suicide

It's always what they say

But we continue as life goes by > > > >

No one remembers Marcy

And no one remembers

Who I used to be > > > >

I became who they wanted

I'm one of them now

No longer one of the haunted > > > >

If I looked back on a whim,

I might see the change

Of me turning into them > > > >

But it doesn't matter now

I left that girl behind

Lost in the shadows > > > >

I'm no longer denied

But no one ever told me

I'm just another suicide > > > >