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Unrealistic Hope

A pair of light green eyes gazed lazily out a window clouded over in a bored trance. The boy looked over a few of the pink scattered flowers of the school yard. Everyone would trample over them--and in a strange way he felt connected. Letting his thoughts, as well as his eyes, drift he found himself focused on Him.

The boy of 16 couldn't help but let his eyes trail slowly over the older male's sitting form. His crush, Alex, was the god of their high school. Or at least he was to most of the girls and even some of the boys. Alex was easily Amaya's hero, how the other spoke so freely about being bi, even with straight boys--and no one dared to tease him for it. He gave a sad smile, perhaps even a bit of a jealous look—and then he snapped back into reality; ripped rudely from his day-dreams by his teacher's high-pitched whining.

"Amaya Johnson! I know you're just waiting to get out of my classroom, but please, please, pay more attention in class. Honestly! The last day of school and I expected you to give some respect." That sure caught his attention along with the rest of his class', one would think on the last day of school teachers wouldn't be so rude, obviously not his Math teacher, Mrs. Plum.

"Ah—yeah, yes, Ma'am.." He tried his best not to think how well her last name fit the plump teacher, instead he returned his attention to the well-used board. Occasionally glancing up to check the clock along with the rest of the student body shoved into that cramped classroom, begging the hand to move faster. Only a bit longer then he'd leave since it was his last block of the whole year. He wasn't one for gaining attention from the whole class—it wasn't that he got nervous or anything he just didn't like it. And he stuttered sometimes, which could and proved to be embarrassing most of the time. Twenty more minutes later and he'd never see the class or Alex again. Well, at least not until the next year where they'd both be in their third year since his hero Alex had failed a grade.

With one last glance to the high-school god he bit on his lower lip, shifting in his seat. The older male was beautiful—and he didn't even have to try! Well, maybe he did, but he did it without really giving off that 'I spent five hours on this, love me' aura that all of the girls so easily gave along with other things. Alex had dark red hair, and brown eyes—he was tan and well-built.. but not to the point of it being disgusting. The older boy was 5'10 or so, tall but not towering, perfect in Amaya's—and everyone else's—eyes.

Even if he himself could compare with his crush, he wasn't nearly as cocky with his looks; he didn't strut around nor did he show them off as much. Being only 5'5 he could pretty much hide from most of everyone's taunting and attention. Then again, Alex easily stole attention that could be placed on him or anyone else for that matter with merely a few comments. Alex clearly lived for the attention where as Amaya was normal, even if his name should state otherwise. Shaggy dark brown hair, with pale light green eyes he was nothing short of boring and normal.

Since he'd nothing better to do other than sit there and wait until class ended he removed the pen from his mouth that he'd been chewing on and brought it to the back of his friend's shoulder. " Luke.. " he whispered quietly, trying to get the light-haired boy to pay attention to him. Of all the times for his air headed friend to pay attention it had to be the last day of school. Then again, Amaya thought with a grin, he could just be sleeping. After not getting an answer from the blonde he removed his pen from the shorter boy's shoulder and set it huffily on his desk. Leaning back to cast a gentle gaze out the window his mind went right back to the neglected flowers. He'd seen a few girls get flowers for valentines and was admittedly jealous, not of the flowers just that they had someone in that sense.

A slow smile crossed his features as he checked the clock again. Five minutes left then he could go to his locker, and get the hell out of school. The only good thing to look forward to, aside from sleep, was that he wouldn't die of heat stroke maybe over the summer the school would actually get some air conditioning. Then they wouldn't have heat days, and he wouldn't have to suffer even more when he came back to school the next year. While they were at that they could go ahead and change the name. Whoever thought Cherry Heights was a good name for a school was clearly doing a lot of drugs. The boy was interrupted from his thoughts once more with a harsh jump.

The bell, oh thank God!

With a soft, sleepy yawn he watched as the students filed out of the classroom for the last time that year, softly chattering with each other, smiles wide, all were clearly excited. He caught himself watching as Alex walked out that door, talking with his best friend casually slipping an arm about her shoulders before giving a playful ruffle to her hair. Crap! Shoving all of his stuff into his navy-blue bag he quickly zipped up the zipper and tossed the bag over and onto his shoulder, hurrying out of the class. If he moved quickly enough he could hopefully catch sight of his love, his life, and it's fleeting moments.

Once more though, luck wasn't on Amaya's side—since he was only to be greeted by a hallway crowded with people. Almost sluggishly he shoved whatever was left in his locker to his bag and sulked out of the school. Letting his feet carry him down past the few rather nice large houses of town to cut across the park. His house wasn't a castle, it was just an apartment that someone with a half-time job could afford, but at least it was a home. It all worked out fine, since nothing was falling apart. Amaya dropped his bookbag carelessly into his closet by the door, kicking his shoes off in the same manner as he shut the door behind him. He yawned, sleepily glancing to the clock as made his way to his rather ugly gray loveseat, plopping down for a nice, long, nap.

His only connection to his obsession other than school was his dreams. A good thing though was he wouldn't see the school building again for the next few months.. and on a bad note was that his years of school were slowly dwindling down to nothing but college. That means he'd have to make his move and actually say something to Alex.

Maybe.. soon. Later… eventually?

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