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The older boy blinked those vibrant green eyes over to his younger bed partner. " Luke..? " he asked, all hints of anger that had once been in his voice gone. He was confused, and rightly so. " I—I can't kiss you! " he spoke, looking even a bit disgusted with the question. It wasn't that he'd not kissed a boy, or anything of that nature. It was just that Luke was his best friend; his only friend and nothing more.

The younger boy seemed a bit hurt by the rejection, but only stalled on the subject for a few minutes, then he was smiling again. Although it was forced, neither of them were going to mention it again." Say, Amaya, did you have fun at the party? " Luke asked, moving to lay down next to the older boy—using his own respective pillow of course. They'd always slept in the same bed. The main reason was because Luke always managed to wiggle in his bed every night. Amaya just gave up and let him.

" I guess I had fun, Luke, but " the boy shrugged his shoulders lazily, moving one arm to rest behind his head—laying back on his own pillow as well. " I mean, I got to see Alex. " the boy shrugged slightly and glanced off to the side. Alex made him a bit nervous, and it wasn't something he was too used to. Of course, though, he knew he had to stop thinking about Alex. It would be awkward to have a dream about Alex while Luke was there. Especially the type of dream he'd have thinking of his one and only high school god! " Let's just go to bed. " he offered, pushing all thoughts aside. He wouldn't wait for the other to speak as he reached over and turned off the lights. Amaya flipped over so his back was to the younger boy and curled up, soon falling asleep.

Luke was sure 'Maya was going to sleep for a good while. Whenever Amaya shut him off of the conversation it really wasn't worth talking to him. He'd be ignored, anyway. With a soft yawn Luke turned his back to face the other, reached into his bag and tugged out a stuffed bunny. It was childish, but he'd always had it. Cradling the little toy to his chest, the light haired boy closed his eyes and tried to force himself to sleep.

Out of the two friends, Luke was the first to get up. Yawning sleepily as he arched his back, one hand falling to his side, the other laying out in front of him. With a lazy groan the young boy turned over onto his back and looked to his right. There was Amaya's back. Rubbing at his eyes he sat up and swung his feet over the side of the bed. He picked his stuffed rabbit off of the floor then set it on the bed in front of Amaya. He grinned happily and stood up off of the bed, took his bag, then went into the bathroom. He figured a shower would be the best—and most productive thing to do. He'd give May-May a good thirty minutes to sleep.

After his shower Luke dried off, and put on his jeans, followed by a rather loud pink shirt—complete with rainbow sleeves. Maybe he really did scream flamboyant. Shrugging his shoulders slightly he set his white happy sun shirt on Amaya's sink. At least by giving it to him now, it was one less thing to wash. It really didn't go with the grump's personality, so maybe it was a gift. Rolling his eyes he picked up his bag, walked out of the bathroom then dropped the bag in the hall. Now he could either make breakfast—or go awake up Amaya. Luke choked back a laugh, that wasn't a hard choice to make.

Amaya was still safely tucked in bed, the sheets over his head while he laid curled up in a ball around the little toy. Dreaming happily of none other than the high-school-god himself. Alex. Though—the dream was going horribly slow and Alex was just about to kiss him with that sexy smirk Alex always had when—

" May-May!! "

He groaned—that brat had slept over, hadn't he? With a sigh he turned over onto his back, tugged the covers down—only to be hit smack in the face with a fluffy white pillow. Amaya growled, stole the pillow and threw it to the side—glaring up at the boy. " ..You're getting my floor wet, Luke! " Amaya pointed madly up at the other male's wet hair dripping.

" Huh? " the younger of the two asked, idly moving his hand up to touch the long strands of hair that were still wet. " But.. I just took a shower—and.. " he shrugged happily then climbed back on the bed, grinning none the less " I have breakfast, May-may " the boy cheered, bouncing on the bed slightly.

Amaya took one look at the boy's choice in clothing—then back up to the other boy's still dripping blonde hair with a roll of his eyes. " Fine. What's for breakfast? "

"Donuts!! " Luke cheered all too happily, hopping off the bed before prancing out of the hallway to grab his white grocery store bag. He finished going down the hall and into the living room that adjoined the kitchen. Setting the bag up on the table he waiting for Amaya to hurry up. Once the older male had sleepily walked into the kitchen Luke pulled out the white box of donuts from the grocery bag and carelessly shoved said bag onto the floor. Setting down the box on the table where he sat directly in front of the box. Luke happily reached his fingers in to grab the first donut and shove it into his mouth—chomping happily on it while he spoke " Come on Amaya! You want donuts, don't you? "

" Not really. " the older male spoke, eyeing the grocery bag that had fallen on his kitchen floor. He picked up the white sack then threw it in the trash before sitting down at the table. With a groan he took out one of the donuts, but not before receiving an angry look from his friend. That boy really was insane when it came to donuts. He munched contentedly on his one donut figuring it best not to venture out and grab another one. Licking his fingers clean he waited for his friend to finish off the box of donuts. " Go throw that box away, Luke " Amaya ordered, making sure this time the other male actually threw his trash away like he was supposed to.

The day went on pretty normally; Luke broke a few things—apologized profusely and even offered to tape the vase back together. Amaya had told him it was unimportant to him—and to shut up. They were in the middle of another argument over the vase when the phone rang.

" But—I didn't mean to break it " Ring.

" I know, Luke. I have to get the phone. " Ring.

" But—" Rin-

" Hello? " Amaya answered as he leaned back against the wall. Normally his phone didn't ring—so he had an idea of who it was. " Yeah, I will. " he yawned slightly, bringing his leg up to rest his heel back against the wall " Of course." he smiled a bit triumphantly at Luke " Yea, I'll tell him. Thanks, Mrs. Brice. " He hung up the pale yellow phone before looking over to Luke " Your Mom said she wants you home. She says to make sure you don't forget anything. She said to make sure you double-check." Amaya chided with a hint of amusement in his voice.

Luke only huffed and glared at the older boy, though for as much of a fuss he put up, he didn't waste time walking about Amaya's apartment. Luke made sure to grab his things, and the broken vase's pieces he insisted on fixing. He checked and double checked all the rooms to make sure somehow, some way, he had forgotten something that never even came out of his bag in the first place. Maybe he over-packed, so his mother was always freakishly worried. That bothered him. Maybe next time he wouldn't leave things packed in his bag. Like toys, and stuff. He should probably only stick with clothes, and his toy Button.

Once the younger boy had left, Amaya was finally alone, waving slightly as he shut the door and sighed—head leaning back against his door. Sure it was fun having Luke over, but that boy was a handful. Locking his door he moved over to his table and blinked—Luke must've taken that vase. " Stupid boy. " he muttered, smiling slightly even though he insulted the other. Amaya lightly ran a hand through his hair and climbed over the couch, sitting there lazily so he could flick through the channels. Honestly, they should put better stuff on TV now a days.

" Bad. "

" Football. "

" Soap? "

" Cartoons. "

" Music. "

He rolled his eyes then turned it to the news, letting one leg cross over the other as he moved his arm over to his pillow, cuddling the thing to his side. Nothing important had happened—people died, like always, a few fires. He groaned at the mentioning of teens and drugs. Like that didn't happen everywhere. Flicking off the TV he threw the clicker over onto his chair before plopping back down on the couch. The thing was comfortable, but ugly. At least it gave him time to think.

Yawning he stretched his arms over his head and let them hang over the end of the couch. Luke had wanted a kiss from him—that made the boy wiggle uncomfortably. The only bad thing about the whole deal was that Amaya had actually considered it before logic took hold of him . The other boy did have nice lips—and how often did you get to teach straight boys how wonderful it was to, er, bend another way? He blushed and turned his attention to the blank TV.

"What if I had kissed him?"

That's when once more logic came into play and he snorted, shaking his head from that silly idea. Luke was his friend, nothing more. He just needed a shower to clear his head.

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