The Scientific Theory of Bountiful Sins

Today passed away

With the hopes of us the forsaken

Us who lived in fear of the hateful

And dreaded the wrath of hatred

The laws were passed

As all our rights just glistened out of the ashes

That burned once embers cast away from our freedom

Vaguely glowing through mystic star bright

So peaceful laying in the shadows of dim

Suffering from the frosty sting of wet cement

Damping the pavement with crimson from my veins

That cut through my flesh leaking before the seraphs

Flowing blood drips down into reflection

The rain beating in melodies of bliss

Patterns of constellations twinkle above the clouds

All falling together with tears of stolen harmony

The life span hit zero

Once the facts of human anatomy

Cancelled with mystery of spirit and soul

Leaving a dying fetus to be watched by all who condemn

Why did all love succumb to hatred

Causing the world to turn its back on me

The fringe on my face with the crack of my bones

Inflicted by the fracture of inhumanity

Is it because Im different?

The beating till the death of one afflicted enough?

Well good for you who brought the fate of me

Only remember the voice that pleaded for life

And the echoes who begged for one last breathe

Now in time will be the death of you

For when dark nights come creeping up the fading light

Haunted by the agony inseparable from a vision

A streak of orange shoots through purple and gray

And an ending of life greets a new day on the horizon

My spirit lifts softly above the vanishing point of extinction

As the sun rise of this beautiful new day

Wipes out the mist which covered the fate of innocence

But life... Moves on...


Miles Stellar