Authors note: The italics is a Freshman girl, the bold is a male sophmore. The Bold Italics are both of them talking, sense it's suppost to be read as two voices.

Seeing fear inside my little eye.

Scaring Freshman is what I live for.

Trying to find answers I look at the sky.

Petrified, wonderful.

Running away, trying to get away with my life.

Take a step towards her, she backs away,

Run back to a trashcan, he follows.

Out run her at the trashcan.

Start to run, but he runs quicker than I do.

She's running out of options, she knows it.

Run towards the grass and slide.

She can't run far, nor very fast.

Not knowing what to do after I slid.

Nor will she try to do anything stupid.

I get up and start running again.

No one will do a thing, they all love me.

My friends say I'm over-reacting.

She can't get away, she's at school.

But none of them know what it's like.

If I reach into my pocket she gets afraid again.

I need to learn how to stand up for myself.

There is no end in sight.