The black river is drowning me,

Winding along its deadly riverbed,

It wishes to consume me.

No one along the shore to save me from an end I do not know.

Soon I'll be pulled undertow by the viscious current,

But my will will push me on,

Through the end,

As I manically search the lightening-streaked sky,

No stars to be found to comfort me,

Though they would barely dilute this pounding agony.

I clos my eyes,

As I am thrashed about,

Wondering what my grave will be labelled,

Or if I'll sink to the bottom,

My sanity never to be found.

My soul left to cling to this plain.

Yet, the darkness that greets me is lulling in my mind.

Maybe my last breath will be spent sleeping,

Into an eternal nightmare.

I hear yells ringing in my ears,

But so far away.

My eyes won't open,

The lids are far too heavy,

As if the veins are too full of the sand at the river's bottom,

The mire that chose to consume me.

I cannot even move,

Limply thrown in aggression along the tar-colored current,

Swallowing and inhaling the sweet-poisonous water,

Feeling it rush through my lungs,

And rip down my throat,

Remembering how it tickled my bare toes before it dragged me in.

I nearly heard and angel singing softly as the cruel water went up my nose.

The chill it carries,

I have become used to,

Having been torn through it for hours,

It's numbing.

My face surfaces a little higher,

And I gulp up the brisk air,

As it kisses my face.

It smells of rain.

I hope it will purge my body of this cursed spirit,

Or that the wind will push me to the muddy shoreline,

But I don't know where I would go...

I don't know where I'd go...

Where I'd go...


I feel more waves splash over me...

The rain is falling...

Is that wind crying...?