On a mission from God
To remove the unholy one
The catalyst of apocalypse
The wielder of Requitas

Through my own kin I must fight
Against my own friends I must conquer
I cannot be slowed, cannot be stopped
I'm on a mission from God

I am the wielder of the Seven Bladed Sword
My challenges ahead are plentiful
I must defeat all who stand in my way
I'm on a mission from God

The duty of defeating a friend
To have his body lie slain at my feet
To never rest until this is done
I'm on a mission from God

His life has been tough
His thoughts sick and twisted
I have been given the duty to purge
I'm on a mission from God

If you see my tears when it's over
Please do not stop and stare
For it is everyone who must understand
I hate my mission from God