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Chapter 1: Prologue and the Story of Frost
" Come on, you! ", the gatekeeper growled, pulling at her chains. Frost wrinkled her nose at the putrid smell of the holding chambers, full of prisoners waiting to be sold. She had been in these chambers countless times, and been through countless potential owners, all turning her away when they discovered what she was.

What was she? She was.... herself, a child of fire and ice, a demon child that by every circumstance shouldn't have been born but was. Once you get a close look at her it was evident really, what with all of her odd markings and colorings. The ice blue star rimmed in red was barely visible through the cloud of ice blue hair that fell onto her forehead, the tips glowing fire red. Even her pointy fox ears and her fluffy fox tail were blue and tipped with red. Her eyes were a stormy gray, and they held more emotion than any other feature on her body at the moment, other than her rosy lips, which were turned down in a slight pout.

As always, the gatekeeper tugged her on down the hallway, between the cells to the very back of the holding chambers where the very worst tempered prisoners were kept. The smell at the back was even worse than at the front, and the cells were much dirtier than the ones in the front of the chambers. She had, however, started looking forward to the daily auctions. Not because she thought that she would be bought, most definitely not, but because she knew that her little visitor would be back, smiling as always, carrying her little ice kitten. She normally didn't like visitors, but for some reason this child amused her.

She was shoved into the last available cell, and as the door slammed shut with a clang, she turned to keep watch for her young visitor, knowing that the other prisoners wouldn't touch her as long as the child was under her protection. She knew that the other prisoners were afraid of her, as well as all the guards and gatekeepers; even the officials that ran the prison were afraid of her. They called her unnatural, a creature that should never have been born. She knew what she was, the child of a fire and an ice fox. A child of two opposing elements. Elements that had met and fallen in love, but had been killed, never to see their child, a child that had defied all odds and survived. And, because of her odd heritage, it was said that her tears could heal anyone, even those near death. She had no idea if it was true or not, however, because she had never cried.

"Frost!" a childish voice yelled, snapping her out of her revere. Frost smiled as the child ran up to the bars of her cell and held up the little ice kitten.

"Look!" she yelled excitedly," I brought Mika!"

"So I see," Frost said with a slight smile, catching the kitten as the child dropped it. "I don't think that Mika will appreciate being dropped on this floor," she said, stroking the kitten. "So, are you going to tell me your name yet?" Frost asked in an amused tone.

"Nope! You have to guess!" she said with a smile.

"Guessing again?" Frost asked with amused resignation. Although the child was entertaining, she did have her annoying quirks.

"Yes you have to guess, I guessed yours!" she said with another smile before dissolving into a fit of coughing.

Frost gazed at the child in concern, sensing that she was very weak, and not knowing how to help her. Acting on pure instinct, Frost bent the bars and gently picked up the child.

"Hey, you there! What do you think you're doing? Stop!" the guard yelled. Frost paid the man no heed as she quickly exited the holding chambers, holding the girl, now limp, in her arms. She ran quickly to the local hospital, ignoring the people she passed by whom she startled with her speed, and as a nurse came out to great her, she dropped the child in her arms and turned to go without a word.

"Hey wait miss!" the nurse called. Frost turned as the nurse ran back out of the hospital. "Miss, we need to know the girl's address, name, anything!" the nurse cried.

"I'm afraid I can't help you." Frost replied softly. "I don't know anything about the girl, other than this is her ice cat." she said and tried to hand the kitten over to the nurse. But the kitten growled, hissed, and clawed at the nurse, refusing to go to her.

"That's.... that's the princess's cat," the nurse said on a gasp. "Indeed," said Frost with a raised brow. "Well I must get back, I trust you know how to contact the girl's parents."

"Y-yes mum," the nurse stuttered, but Frost had already taken off.

As Frost reached the holding chambers, she saw that the auction was no longer taking place.

"Well, that was a quick one," she muttered to herself. As she entered the chambers, she saw the prison official speaking with the gatekeeper. She walked past them and headed towards her cell. "Hey! You! You there, what was the meaning of breaking out of your cell like that?" the gatekeeper yelled angrily.

"Oh, come now, you didn't lose any money, no one wants to buy me." Frost said with a sigh.

"But what about those bars?" the gatekeeper yelled. Frost walked casually over to the bars and bent them back to the correct position.

"There, all better." she said with mock sweetness.

"W-wait a moment, you mean you could have escaped from this place at any time?" the official asked, looking nervous.

"Of course, I just haven't seen the need to." Frost said glancing at the official andlooking slightly annoyed.

"Oh, well as a matter of fact you did cost us money today. A man came in to buy you-"

"Though only he knows why, no one in their right mind would want you!" the gatekeeper said, rudely cutting off the official.

"Actually," the official said, glaring at the gatekeeper, "he said something about wanting a-"

"I don't really care what he wanted, I am going back to the prisoners' quarters now," Frost said coldly, once again cutting off the official.

"Oh," the official said meekly, watching as Frost strode from the holding chambers once again.


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