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Chapter 2 : A New Home

Frost sighed and lay back on her dingy cot.

She folded her arms beneath her head and stared at the peeling ceiling, wondering if she would be taken to the auction today.

Probably not after the stunt with the prison bars.

" Oh Well, I didn't want to go to the auction anyway .The kid wont be there anyhow." she said aloud to her self.

The sound of footsteps coming towards her cell surprised her.

She knew that they had to be headed to her cell since she resided in solitary confinement.

She looked in the direction of her cell door, not that it did her any good; she couldn't see hardly anything out of the tiny window engraved in the door.

Her ears twitched as the lock clicked open, and she wondered who could possibly be on the other side of the door; it was hours yet till the auction.

As the door swung open Frost was blinded by the sudden light and put up a clawed hand to shield her eyes.

Once her eyes adjusted to the light she slowly put her hand down and studied the man before her, a man who she was certain she had never seen before.

The man was tall and broad shouldered, and judging by his fluffy white tail and ears, he was a demon.

A business suit accented his well-built frame.

His shoulder length silver hair brought out the jaded green of his eyes, and for some reason those eyes seemed hauntingly familiar.

" Can I help you?" Frost asked getting up of her cot and leaning against the wall.

" I now own you," the man said with a glint in his eye

" You what!?" Frost said furiously.

" I said I now own you. You will work for me. Or rather you will work for Jade."

" I will not be some private pet for your wife!" Frost shouted angrily.

" My daughter. " He corrected. " She has recently taken ill and I have been told you have the capability to care for her. "

" Oh, I am sorry about your daughter." Frost said already feeling remorse for the poor child.

" Then you will allow me to buy you for her."

" I ...I don't know." Frost said thoughtfully. " I suppose ...anything is better than here."

" Very well then, it's settled. You will come home with me immediately. " The man said looking pleased.

"What should I call you?" Frost said on a sigh, expecting an egotistical answer.

" You must call me master or sir in public but in private you may call me Jacques. " he answered.

Frost looked at him mildly surprised.

" What, you thought I was an ego stroking jerk?" Jacques asked in amusement.

Frost blushed slightly and stared at the floor.

" Ah you did. Well, I am not, but don't tell anyone, it will ruin my image. " he said his amusement now evident, witch caused Frost to smile slightly.

" We will see," Frost replied.

" Well once I get you home I will see if I can't change your mind." Jacques said walking out of the cell.

" Yes we shall." she said and followed him out of the cell.

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