I have to stay away from my room,

The temptation to be bad in there

Is just too great.

I have this feeling that

I just want to let loose,

And drop all the beliefs, and morals

And values

That I have been holding on for

Some unbeknownst reason.

I have to stay away from my room

The alcohol in the fridge tempts me,

I also have to hide my credit card,

Some unknown force tells me to

Max it out,

Drop school

And fly to Vegas.

I don't understand why all this rebellish

Tendencies are kicking in.

Could it be that I am by myself

And no one is here to check up on me

That all the demons seem to be calling

Me to join their little party.

Is it in a way so that

I don't become like him,

Making all his friends

Disappear with the slight

Turn of his magic wrist.

I don't want to become like

some of the other ones

trying to make my sorrows disappear

through vices.

But it is hard trying to stop these

Thoughts in my head,

To do things I shouldn't,

Like drink till I pass out,

Weeping in my alky,

Throwing all my money away,

Making me more in debt,

And finding someone,


To stay by my side

As I sleep.

It is a world filled with temptations.

And a struggle to not overcome them,

I guess it is a test

From God,

to make sure I work harder.

Let's hope I pass then.