The God of Twins

Found a rhyme for jealousy
Found you, queen of heresy
Heard you laughing somewhere else
Bottled the laugh up on a shelf...

Still looking for the
God of Twins
Existing in every
Other religion

Is it like
Living in another world,
Fingers curled, our hearts
In our mouths?

And I'll still run to meet you
Exactly halfway up the stairs
In the middle of the air
I'll be the last, I'll be the lone to care.
Too alone to care.

The muscles of the face
Would rather smile than frown;
How do you phrase that question to the heart?
That dies if it relaxes...

I'll still run to meet you
Half way up the stairs
But you won't be there

Fate lines are not parallel
Anything I say will spell
Both a welcome and farewell
(I know entropy too well)

Half full, half empty,
I'm already
Halfway up the stairs
And the God of Twins is laughing in my ear.