Glitter, glamour, all the star-studded dreams
That kept me from your expensive designer scent…
And all that our ravenous kisses and sinful love meant.
Remember me: you are no god, for we all heard your screams.

The hypocrite innocence of a sensual child
Justified our 'Prince and Princess' perfect passion.
You're beautiful, as am I: we are each other's Pure Poison
And our waning faces will forever be legends of times so wild.

I wish I didn't know one day I will miss you
I'll look in the mirror to find we've both changed
And decay firmly settled in hollow hearts as we've aged.
This Dolce Vita I adore, will draw to an end of dolcezza, it's true.

We've never met with jealousy, and I Adore
The Golden life we lived in, upon a Dune of fame.
Higher does happiness grow, one thing we can't tame.
So though I still breathe your fragrance, we are not one anymore.

AN: Wow, I'm experimenting with verses and stanzas…This is sort of…I don't know myself really, what's funny is that when I finished I immediately thought of Brad and Jen breaking up…because this is somehow about a famous, rich, superstar couple breaking up…or so it turned out to be in the end. Named Dior because I am (a snob...wince!) under the heavy influence of all those perfumes I used there (Pure Poison, Adore, Dolce Vita, Higher, Dune…). Dolce Vita to you all! Teehee!