To My Lover

My dearest of hearts
Sweet flavor of my mind
How I love you so

You would never know
If I didn't tell you
If I didn't show you
All the times I said "I love you"
All the times I kissed you, hugged you,
Held you and listened when you needed me to
Grasped your hand in reassurance and confirmation
Of my love to you
Taken burdens off your shoulders when I saw that
You needed someone to

That's how much I love you
Words cannot express it
It was never possible to express love through language anyway
More possible to show you through my actions

I fall into your eyes
My spirit lifts when I see your smile
When my hands drift to your face
Trace it to your hair and ruffle it
Wrap my arms around you
To confess how much I care
I hope you care about me as much as I do you.

I hope you know that I love you
And that I'm in love with you
And my heart is yours
Because there isn't enough space inside for you

The sky is always blue
And the sun is always shining
When I'm with you
Disagreements and rifts in our pattern drift away
When I'm given enough time
And when we've talked about it

And you know what?
I really do love you.
And . . .
I do.